Fourth stimulus check: how to know if I will receive another payment and amount

Fourth stimulus check: how to know if I will receive another payment and amount

The IRS continues to send the third stimulus check, but will another round of payments come? What would be the amount of the fourth check? Here all the details.

The US government has issued three economic impact payments, known as stimulus checks, to address the economic and employment crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic .

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continues to send the third check, thanks to which taxpayers can receive up to $ 1,400; couples filing joint tax returns, up to $ 2,800, plus $ 1,400 for each dependent.

However, millions of American families continue to need financial support to cover basic expenses such as food and housing, so they await the arrival of a new round of payments.

Fourth stimulus check: how to know if I will receive another payment and amount

For now, a fourth check is unlikely to pass, as the legislative priority in Congress is passing the infrastructure bill and the $ 3.5 trillion budget framework . In addition, the decrease in the unemployment rate, the creation of new jobs and the decrease in applications for unemployment benefits make it difficult for new economic support to arrive.

However, if the employment rate and conditions worsen, legislators could consider issuing a new $ 2,000 payment or recurring payments , both of which will likely be sent based on the IRS’s current requirements for mailing the third check.

States are handing out other stimuli

Although the future of a fourth round of payments is uncertain, some states are sending support to their residents. For example, California is sending the Golden State stimulus , a one-time payment of $ 600 or $ 1,200 plus $ 500 for households with dependent children.

On the other hand, in Colorado , people who received at least one unemployment benefit payment between March 15, 2020 and October 24, 2020, will receive $ 375 . In New Mexico , since March, the government has sent payments of $ 600 in the form of tax refunds to eligible residents.

In Maryland, all state and local taxes on unemployment benefits were repealed and stimulus payments of $ 300 were approved for taxpayers, as well as $ 500 for couples filing joint tax returns.

In addition, in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas they will send a check for $ 1,000 for educators , while in California they will send 3.5% of the salary of teachers for next year and in Michigan they will send $ 500 in risk bonuses and $ 250 extra in February.

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