Fourth Stimulus Check: Possible IRS Dates, Plus-Up Payments, and Third Check | August 16

As the IRS issues the third stimulus check and the plus-up payments, everything seems to indicate that a fourth round of checks is no longer on the table.

In March 2021, the Government of the American Union approved the ‘ American Rescue Plan ‘ , a new economic rescue with relief for the coronavirus , among which a third round of stimulus checks of $ 1,400 for individuals and $ 2,800 for couples stands out. Plus an extra $ 1,400 per dependent.

The third stimulus check was approved three months after the second, which was for $ 600 and ran under the administration of former President Donald Trump, as was the first check, which was for $ 1,200 and was approved in March 2020 thanks to the CARES Act. .

Fourth stimulus check: Will there be a new payment?

It has been three months since the Biden Administration approved the third stimulus check. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), since then, more than 172 million have received the corresponding payment, plus those that are still missing. Well, the IRS continues with the distribution of payments and, by law, has until December of this year to finish it.

That said, there are those who are still waiting for a fourth stimulus check. However, everything seems to indicate that a new economic impact payment is no longer on the table in the congressional negotiations.

Washington lawmakers have remained focused on the infrastructure bill and both Houses of Congress are now turning their full attention to a budget reconciliation package. Still, there is a lot of public support for more stimulus checks, especially as many continue to live from paycheck to paycheck and are far from achieving post-pandemic recovery.

Third Stimulus Check: Possible IRS Dates | August 16

While the future of a fourth payment is decided, the IRS continues with the distribution of the third check. If you still do not receive the payment, use the IRS app ‘ Get My Payment ‘, with which you will know the issue date and the payment method.

Now, if the payment will arrive via postal mail – EIP card or printed check – make use of the USPS tool, ‘ Informed Delivery ‘, with which you will know the exact date and approximate time in which the envelope with the payment will arrive to your postal address.

Plus-Up Payments: What are they and when will they arrive?

The IRS also distributes plus-up payments, which are additional stimulus checks for the ones your third check was based on your 2019 tax return since the 2020 tax return had not yet been processed, but thanks to the processing of the latter, they are eligible for a large payment, either because they added dependents or because their AGI decreased.

Plus up payments are sent weekly under the same payment method recorded for the third check. The IRS also has until December to finish issuing the plus-up payments.

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