It is often difficult to know if that bikini that we like so much is going to fit us well or if we are choosing the right size. It happened to all of us at some point, being uncomfortable on the beach or pool because of the size of the swimsuit, to the point of not getting out of the hammock, having complexes or fear with your body. To get the bikini to fit us as well or better than Alba Díaz or Laura Escanes, the key is to know the tricks in relation to the size of the chest. Feeling good in a swimsuit is essential at any time of the year, but much more so in summer. Following a few very simple steps when buying a bikini, you’re not going to have any fashion emergencies. And your biggest concern is choosing the best image to upload to Instagram.

Whether you want a monochrome, patterned, shaped bikini or the most viral of Zara, you have to know which methods are the best so as not to fail. It may seem like a complicated task, but there are firms like la Corsetera that knows the woman’s body perfectly and always has the right answer.

Do you want to look spectacular like Pilar Rubio ? Following the tricks that have been given to us from the firm laCorsetera, we will be safe and, therefore, you will enjoy a great day with friends, family or partner on the beach or in the pool.

If when you try on the top part of the bikini, your chest is very low and the top part is very flat and empty, laCorsetera tells us that “If this happens, it means that it is too big for you. Visually, this situation causes an unpleasant sagging chest effect because the upper area is not completely filled, giving the feeling that it is empty” and indicates that to correct this situation “we are in favor of always giving a bikini that fits just right, because after after three or four baths, the lycra expands and adjusts better to the chest”, explains Piedad, founder of laCorsetera.

Piedad has spent her whole life helping women feel comfortable in their underwear. The founder tells us that the most common mistake is placement and she points out that in order for this not to happen we have to “Raise the straps very close to the armpit, both from the sides and from behind. Then you have to collect the entire breast inside the cup with the index and angular finger and finally, once placed, you can lower the straps at the back to your liking, not before”.

Who hasn’t had their bikini ride up on occasion when you’ve gotten into the water? This is due to a bad size decision. Piedad affirms that if this happens to you normally “the size is larger than it should be. This can also happen when we play a game, such as rackets, and there is too much chest movement, when it should be well supported. It is also possible that the error is not only in the size, but also in the type of bikini, because the chosen one does not provide the adequate support for our type of chest”.

The last and the most important of the tricks is about the marked contour when you take off your swimsuit. “You are not wearing the right size and you will need one more. If the mark is on the shoulder, the problem is the type of bikini and not the size, because the lack of support on the chest causes the strap to be too tight, trying to raise the chest without success”, concludes Piedad.

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