The divorce between J.K. Rowling and a part of the fans of her books for the opinions of the British writer in the debate on gender identity, described as hurtful by the trans community, so much so that for a couple of years now to provoke a boycott by of the public to the new products of the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts Legacy among them, to which the author has now wanted to respond without hesitation on Twitter.

She specifically replied to a message from the American youtuber Jessie Earl where she once again called for not supporting any content related to the novelist. “I won’t hold a grudge against anyone for their continued love of old works or things already in their possession that they find solace in. I own the first nine movies and all seven books. But any support for anything as Legal Hogwarts is detrimental.”

Rowling’s reply did not wait and with a mocking tone she dismissed Earl’s words, perhaps generating a bigger stir than necessary on Twitter.

“Deeply disappointed that Jessie Earl doesn’t realize that ‘pure thought’ is incompatible with having anything related to me in any format. Those who process that idea would not only burn their books and movies, but also the local library, anything Let him take an owl and his companion dogs”.

Rowling did not stop there and also commented on a second message from Jessie Earl where she urged users to continue consuming Harry Potter products in privacy as long as they already have them in their possession: “No one needs to know [that you continue to see their movies ] But don’t stream it, don’t buy merch, and don’t buy the video games.”

“I’m baffled. This person actually supports reading the books under the guise of ‘no one needs to know’. Everything is fine here until you get drunk and accidentally mention that you do. ‘I’ve never done it in public’ won’t save you. when the police see your Hufflepuff socks”

J.K. Rowling is not involved in Hogwarts Legacy

This debate should not sit well with Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games, which did not hesitate at the time to make clear on their website the writer’s non-direct participation in the open-world fantasy action RPG. Despite everything, it is still a product by the author to collect the usual royalties from her.


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