The actor, who has been the most famous secret agent in the history of one hundred for more than 17 years, said goodbye with ‘No time to die’. Daniel Craig doesn’t regret leaving James Bond.

Daniel Craig ceased to be the most famous secret agent in movie history with No Time to Die. Despite knowing that he will be missed for the foreseeable future, Craig has repeatedly defended his decision and claims he has no regrets regarding his departure from the 007 saga, hinting that he did so at the best of times ( via Variety).

Daniel Craig doesn’t regret leaving James Bond behind

Daniel Craig has no regrets. “Not a single one. I have had the incredible fortune of having spent 17 years of my life interpreting it. And I am going to spend the next 20 years trying to unlink my life from this because it has been incredible,” he explained in an interview with BBC Radio. “I mean, I left him when I wanted to. And I also got the chance to do it with one last movie. As a character he’s not really dead. I’m gone but as they say at the end of No Time to Die, “Bond He’s going to come back,” so at some point he will,” he continues, dropping that MGM and Amazon are already preparing the new secret agent saga.

The actor, who has starred in one of the best stages of the character according to viewers and fans, confesses that his idea was always to offer a specific ending for a spy, and that this was the death of the character. He discussed it with the producer of the saga, Barbara Broccoli, and it became a real requirement to continue in the James Bond suit. “I told him: if I make all these movies, and they turn out well, can we kill him?” And she answered me: yes, you can do it, “he confessed. Craig has defended that, one way or another, the best decision was made, since the ending was consistent with the character and his journey in previous installments.

Daniel Craig has no regrets about leaving Bond

“The real tragedy would have been that he had no choice. But we had to find a way to make his death an alternative. He was the happiest Bond ever because he found exactly what he was looking for. Like everyone else on Earth, he was just looking love,” he concludes.

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