Minutes after Agostina Spinelli picked up the red phone in Big Brother 2023, thinking she had been expelled, Santiago del Moro reassured her. He explained that she had actually won a 24-hour benefit and would be returning to the house.

With Agostina’s fate uncertain, fellow contestants, known as “hermanitos,” speculated on her possible return or elimination. Juliana “Furia” Scaglione unknowingly revealed her thoughts while Agostina watched everything unfold on live TV in the sum.

“I was shouting from the bathroom, answer the phone! When she was smoking, Big Brother called her. Then I started to feel something weird,” said Furia, unaware that Agostina was listening.

Other housemates chimed in: “We have to put the insulin in the exchange box,” “Wait, guys, maybe she’ll come in now. The night is not over,” “This is all weird,” and “Now they are telling us ‘your partner is coming back into the house'”—some of the various comments.

Doubting Spinelli’s supposed elimination, Furia spoke candidly, unaware that Agostina was eavesdropping.

“I said that whoever did me wrong, I would turn against him. Take that! She told me ‘you’re going to leave, and I’m going to go after you.’ Take that, you fool! For spitting at the sky,” Furia expressed.

She added a lethal blow, saying, “If it’s a joke, let her come back in now. And if not, thank you very much. I’m not a fake.”

Hearing Furia’s spicy words, Agostina, calmly sipping mate in the sum, stood up and responded, “You’re not a fake? You nominated me, and you’re not a fake! Honey, when you see me, you will want to die.”

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