Netflix: How to share your account without paying extra?

Specialized portals point out that there are ‘loopholes’ in Netflix’s new policy on the use of shared platforms, which you can take advantage of to avoid spending more.

Netflix began its ‘offensive’ against shared accounts, and on May 23 said that adding extra members who live outside your home will cost 69 pesos per month. Although the platform had already warned of the measure, the issue was trending on social networks in recent days due to the number of people who were dissatisfied.

The measure is part of Netflix’s strategy to generate more revenue; however, there are still ‘holes’ in the policy that specialized sites pointed out to continue with sharing.

The portal Lifehacker explained that there are at least two ways to ‘evade’ the new measure and use Netflix without spending the additional 69 pesos, this because the wifi is the way it detects from which devices the session is opened.

It also explains that the platform locates the account holder’s home through the IP address of the TVs. Through these and the account activity is how it is determined if the device is part of the account holder’s home.

How could one share their Netflix account without paying more?

Lifehacker explains that there are two ways to use Netflix without paying as an extra user:

  • The first is to log in to your devices from the account holder’s home using their wifi. Then, when you return home, you can use Netflix “as normal” from your device where you logged in even if you are no longer at the account holder’s home. The portal explains that occasionally you will need to log in again, so you will need to repeat the procedure.
  • Another tip is not to log in on the TV, as Lifehacker explains that there is a “loophole” in Netflix’s policy, and if you do not log in on the TV or a streaming box such as Roku or Apple TV, you do not need to set up your home. With this alternative you can watch series and movies from your cell phone, computer or tablet and connect them to your screen via HDMI cables.

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