New message appearing on Netflix: what it means and what you should do

Recently, the company clarified that Netflix accounts are designed to be used in the same household.

A couple of days ago, Netflix announced a new charge for people who live in different households and share their streaming platform account.

“Starting today, we will send the following email to our members in Colombia who share their Netflix account outside of their homes. Netflix accounts are designed to be used in the same household,” Netflix said.

The U.S. company decided to implement an additional cost to reduce the number of shared accounts by having the option to add extra members.

In that order, if the user wants to share their account with someone who lives in a different household than their own, they have the following two functions:

  • Transfer a profile: anyone using your account can transfer a profile to their own membership.
  • Add an extra member: the user can share his Netflix account with someone who does not live with him for an additional $8,900 per month.

Following this announcement, users who share an account have started to see a message that says: “Netflix is designed for you and the people who live with you”.

What does this message from Netflix mean?

Since last Tuesday, May 23 began to govern these new measures of the streaming platform, for such reason, users who share account with people who do not live in the same household, will see that such message appears to them when they start the application.

“Netflix is designed for you and the people who live with you” means that this account is among those that have to verify the devices that are using it to watch Netflix content in the same household.

The review of this information is done through a verification code that is sent to the email. It is important to note that if this step is omitted, Netflix will take action and clarifies that it will use the IP address information of each device, as well as the account activity to automatically determine if a device that logged into your account is part of the same household.

This is how you can confirm which devices on Netflix are part of the same household.

  • On the Netflix home screen of the TV, press the left button on the remote control to open the menu.
  • Select Get Help > Manage Netflix Home.
  • Select Confirm Netflix Home or Update My Netflix Home.
  • Select Send Email or Send SMS. A verification link will be sent to the account’s email address or phone number. Verification links expire after 15 minutes.
  • If the person does not receive the verification link by email or SMS, they should click Resend Email or Resend SMS. Or you can choose another option or select Remind me later.
  • Select Yes, I sent it in the email or tap the link in the text message and Confirm Home with Netflix or Upgrade my Home with Netflix to continue.
  • A confirmation will appear on the TV screen and you will receive a confirmation email. Select Continue to Netflix to begin watching.

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