If you canceled your Netflix account maybe you have a useless button on your Android TV: here’s how you can take advantage of it.

Is the Netflix button unused because you unsubscribed and never opened the app again? You can give it a second life by customizing it.

A good part of the televisions and players that integrate Android TV as operating system offer access to the most important platforms through a button on the remote control. Netflix is the one with the most options to see the access included; a button that can become useless if you canceled the subscription to the platform. So, do you want to give a new use to that button? It is not at all complicated: you can fully customize the remote control of your Android TV.

Thanks to the extreme customization that comes standard on every Android device, also TVs with the system adapted to large screens have launchers with which to change the look, we can install applications to free up space and even to customize aspects as specific as the buttons on the remote control. Keeping a specific number to launch an app, for example, it is also possible to “remap” the buttons that manufacturers usually include with the names of streaming services. This customization gets even more out of Android TV.

With Button Mapper you can customize any button

When you have Netflix contracted, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and other platforms is great to have a direct button on the remote control with which to instantly launch the application. And of course, if you cut your relationship with Netflix, and you have to see its icon every time you grab the remote control of your Android TV, what less that with the press behaves as you want instead of opening an app that no longer serves you.

The app that we propose is Button Mapper, an old acquaintance of smartphones that also serves Android TV. With it you can change the operation of any button included in your remote control; either the power button or the volume buttons. Obviously, the greatest utility of Button Mapper is to change the use of those buttons that you do not use, just what happens with Netflix. Or with the rest of the services that you have accessible directly from the remote control.

The first step is the usual: you must access the installation of Button Mpper on your Android TV. Search for it from the app store or download it remotely from your mobile or computer. Then, tap to configure the button you want.

  • Access your TV settings and go to “Accessibility”.
  • Activate the “Button reconfiguration” option.
  • Open Button Mapper on your Android TV and activate the accessibility service for the app.
  • Go back to the app menu and click on “Add buttons”.
  • Click on the “+” and then on the Netflix button on your remote control.
  • Once you have the button created, tap on it to configure it.
  • Check the “Customize” selector, go to “Actions” after entering the 1-touch menu and choose the app you want to open with your Netflix button.
  • Once configured Android TV will open the app you chose as you press the button. You can add more actions to the button with long press, for example; as well as reconfigure the rest of the remote.

With Button Mapper you can give new life to your TV remote control and change those buttons that became obsolete, as is the case of the shortcuts to the platforms. This way you won’t have to lose buttons; even if you still see the Netflix logo, for that there is no solution other than sticking a sticker on top of it.

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