Karol G arrived in New York showing off her steel belly and waistband while showing off a Dallas Cowboys jersey. La Bichota will be performing at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Karol G continues with her Mañaba Será Bonito U.S Tour with which she performed a few days ago in Dallas. So La Bichota arrived in New York to stroll through the streets with a pair of sweatpants that she pulled down and a Dallas Cowboys jersey that she pulled up, to show off the iron abdomen that the interpreter of El Makinon has.

Karol G came out of a place in New York, where it is also presumed that Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny were also there, but that’s another matter. La Bichota was showing off her body and her Dallas Cowboys jersey, which is also “oversized” style preferred by Feid’s girlfriend.

The singer was there, as she will be performing two concerts nearby at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on September 7 and 8. Of course, her fans and several paparazzi, did not lose track of the urban genre singer.

She also wore a pink rocker style cap and tennis shoes. She had her hair up, sunglasses and a small cross-body bag. She got into a car with her team, her security man and left, but not before giving a smile to her fans.

Karol G’s guests at her New York concerts

Part of Karol G’s tour has been opened by fellow urban singer and friend of La Bichota, Young Miko. Young Miko recently surprised Karol G by taking the initiative to give the “Provenza” singer a “perreito intenso” (intense doggy style). Of course, these shows that the Colombian singer has in front of her are part of her most important fans, so she will also have luxury guests on her Mañana Será Bonito U.S. Tour.

Her next stop is these two back-to-back shows on Thursday, September 7 and Friday, September 8 in New Jersey. Part of his artists here, in addition to Young Miko, are DJ Agudelo888 and Bad Gyal. Not all of them will be present on all tour dates. So it is important to check the calendar well and check if the guests you want to enjoy are there.

Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito U.S. Tour Set List

This is the list of songs that Karol G has been singing during her concerts in the United States. Many belong to her album Mañana Será Bonito, but there are also some from Bichota Season. And we already know that she likes to please her fans with some of her early hits like “El Makinon” and “Bochota“.

  • TQG
  • “Besties”
  • “Mi Cama”
  • “El Barco”
  • “X Si Volvemos”
  • “Tusa”
  • “Bitterness”
  • “Bichotag”
  • “Oki Doki”
  • “One Night in Medellin”
  • “Sejodioto”
  • “Punto G”
  • “Bichota”
  • “El Makinon”
  • “Carolina”
  • “Catwoman”
  • “Mercury”
  • “Gucci Los Paños”
  • “200 Copas”
  • “Kármika”
  • “Ferrari Eyes”
  • “Cairo”
  • “Tus Gafitas”
  • “Mientras Me Curo del Cora”
  • “MAMIII”
  • “S91”
  • “Bitterness”
  • “Mi Ex Tenía Razón”
  • “Provenza / Provenza (Tiesto Remix)”

Will the Mañana Será Bonito Tour go to Europe and Latin America?

We don’t know for sure. Initially, when Karol G released this album she said she would not tour. But then she changed her mind and surprised her fans. If it is based on the experience of the Bichota Tour, then she would have to do it. That tour toured almost the world and catapulted Carolina Giraldo as the most important female artist today.

The $trip Love Tour also left Karol G with very good dividends and a profitable tour for any executive. The expectation of the Mañana Será Bonito Tour is at the same level and is already surpassing it. Just in her two dates at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Los Angeles, she broke the record for a Latin and female artist by bringing in 80,000 spectators.

For now, her fans in Europe and Latin America are not losing hope that, sooner rather than later, Karol G will surprise them by announcing dates in those latitudes.

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