Within the wide Netflix catalog there is a variety of Latin productions: series, novels, comedies and dramas, that you can enjoy.

1. Love and live

It is a Colombian novel full of romance drama, music and corruption, starring Ana María Estupiñan and Carlos Torres, it is based on a soap opera of the same name from 1988.

This Latin drama tells the story of love between two young men, the pursuit of an artistic dream and the search for a sister.

The telenovela has more than 60 chapters and was written by Nubia Barreto, and produced by Fox Telecolombia, for the Caracol channel, which premiered it in January of this year.

At the beginning of July, “All For Love” (Amar y vivir) has become one of the most viewed novels by Ecuadorian viewers, according to the Netflix ranking.

2. Dark Wish

This Mexican series stars the well-remembered Maité Perroni, who in 2004 played ‘Lupita’ in the hit telenovela ‘Rebelde’. Here, Perroni becomes ‘Alma Solares’, a 40-year-old lawyer and university professor, married to the judge ‘Leonardo Solares’ (Jorge Poza), who mistrusting her husband has an affair with ‘Darío Guerra’, a man very much less than her.

In ‘Dark Desire’ Alejandro Speitzer puts himself in the shoes of Darío Guerra, an ambiguous character who generates a lot of intrigue in those who watch the series.

His story begins with a brief and chaotic scene where the police detain a woman in the middle of several ambulances.

3. Crime story: the search

Well-known is the case of Paulette Gebara Farah, the girl who went down in history, after disappearing on March 22, 2010, while she slept at home without leaving any trace and nine days later, she mysteriously appeared dead in her bed.

Being the niece of the governor of Mexico City and coming from a wealthy district, the media turned to the case, from which there was no clue other than the problems of her parents, who were about to separate.

The whole story, the number of errors that were made in the investigations, and the stereotypes that operated while the police investigated, has been available since June 12.

The series has six chapters of about 40 minutes and the participation of the well-known Mexican actress, Regina Blandón, Dario Yazbek, Diana Bovio, Adrian Ladrón and Alejandro Calva.

4. Control Z

“Youthful suspense in the style of the series ‘Elite’ but in a Mexican school”, as defined by the portal Finde.

‘Control Z’ has quickly managed to become one of the most viewed series on the Netflix platform. In many countries, among these Ecuador, it has managed to rank as number one among the most viewed. This Mexican series addresses different youth issues, mainly how young people feel when they are exposed to others negatively on social networks.

It is set in a high school, the fictional Colegio Nacional, where a story unfolds in which the mystery is complemented by other adolescent conflicts, such as sexual identity, bullying and drug use.

In its fast-paced and entertaining chapters, you will see how a teenage girl must discover the identity of a hacker who has begun to reveal the dark secrets of his students.

One of the elements that draws attention and that has been well received by the public, is that a transgender actress has been included. Zión Moreno plays Isabela.

5. The House of Flowers

Every story has an end, including that of the De la Mora family, the family we met with La Casa de las Flores. Although it hurts thousands of followers, this soap opera came to an end.

Recently, Netflix premiered the third and final season of that successful Mexican series by Manolo Caro, a kitsch and overloaded melodrama that captivated with the misfortunes of this clan from the affluent neighborhood of Las Lomas.

Everything was going well in the De la Mora mansion until Roberta, Ernesto’s lover, the father of the family and husband of the matriarch, Virgina, committed suicide in the family flower shop, played by the diva Verónica Castro.

Roberta’s death opened a Pandora’s box full of secrets, betrayals and lies, which begin to unravel the family, despite the efforts of Virgina and Paulina, her eldest daughter, the most memorable character in the entire series.

6. Chichipatos

A production full of magic and fantasy. It is full of crazy situations, starting with the one that triggers its plot, when the magician Juanquini performs a show at the house of a drug lord, Ñato Ortúzar, and with a trick that comes out by chance he makes the drug dealer disappear.

This option is a light and colorful comedy, with seven short chapters.

7. Green Border

It is a Colombian series by the Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra, the same one from El abrazo de la Serpent, nominated for the Oscar 2015 Award.

It is a bizarre and supernatural horror miniseries that will leave you with creeps, with the impenetrable Amazon as the setting.

This, because its eight chapters tell the story of the detective Helena (Juana del Río) and her assistant Reynaldo (Nelson Camayo), in the investigation of violent deaths that occurred on this natural border between Brazil and Colombia.

8. Almost happy

It is a sitcom that tells how a man pursues happiness after 40.

Throughout ten chapters he shows Sebastián’s daily tragedies, a bit in the style of Curb your enthusiasm, the sitcom where the screenwriter and one of the creators of Seinfeld plays himself.

In ‘Almost Happy’ the Argentine plays Pilar, Sebastián’s ex-wife, a comedian and radio host played by Sebastián Wainraich, who transforms his failures into the material of his routines and that is more or less what he does with the situations that are happening to Sebastián, the ones that should make him cry, but that actually make him laugh a lot.

9. Passion of hawks

The remembered telenovela of the Reyes brothers is on Netflix for users to enjoy its drama and love story between the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters.

‘Pasión de gavilanes’ is considered one of the best Colombian soap operas of all time.

10. Without breasts, there is paradise

It is the story of the successful Colombian telenovela ‘Sin senos no hay paraiso’, the prequel to this new production.

In the version available on Netflix, we will know the life of Catalina (Carolina Gaitán), the younger sister of the protagonist of the previous series. They have the same name, because “while one died, the other was born,” says the portal.

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