The actor may reprise the role of the son of God in a sequel focused on the resurrection of Jesus.

Jim Caviezel played the role of Jesus in 'The Passion of the Christ' (2004),

It was the highest-grossing Christian film of all time and, furthermore, the trigger for a deep controversy about the realism of the brutal scenes that led to the crucifixion on Mount Calvary.

In 2004, The Passion of The Christ ( The Passion of The Christ, its original title in English) generated great commotion in the Christian and cinematographic world for the way in which it narrated the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, causing that the film’s director, Mel Gibson, is singled out (like his film) as anti-Semitic (hater of Jews), religious fanatic, and excessively violent.

Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus, was also sparked by part of the controversy, to the point that it made him claim that that leading man ruined his career in Hollywood. However, he also clarified that he did not regret having accepted that role that led him to international fame. He has also mentioned interesting coincidences: he received the role when he was 33 years old (the same age as Jesus when he was crucified) and his initials are JC, which seem to evoke Jesus Christ, according to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio .

That same medium published that the actor suffered physically during the recording, made in Italy, especially during that last scene that apparently pushed him to his physical and spiritual limits. “My shoulder was twisted and dislocated every time someone hit the cross. While filming the flogging scenes, the whips hit me twice and I had a 14-centimeter wound on my back. My lungs were full of fluid and I had pneumonia, ”recalled this man of deep Catholic faith.

What happened next?

Before that production, Caviezel was already a familiar face on the big screen. He had played, for example, the soldier Robert Witt in the shocking The Thin Red Line (1998, by Terrence Malick), the vagabond Jerry in the emotional Chain of Favors (2000, by Mimi Leder) and the very Edmundo Dantés in the appreciable El Count of Monte Cristo (2002, by Kevin Reynolds).

Two years after The Passion of the Christ, he played the terrorist Carroll Oerstadt who confronted Denzel Washington in the time travel fiction Déjà vu (2006). Apparently, this experience pleased him so much that he agreed to go back in time as the protagonist in Outlander (2008), since he played a humanoid warrior who moves to the year 509 AD. C. to ally to the Vikings in the combat to a dragon. In the same year, he appeared as a journalist who defends the voice of a woman who is a victim of segregation in Muslim society in The Truth of Soraya M. (2008), while later he put on the skin of a family man who defends his family of criminals in Transit(2011).

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