1- Biden was sworn in as US president and has already signed decrees

President Joe Biden signed 17 executive decisions during his first hours in office Wednesday, moving faster and more aggressively to dismantle the legacy of his predecessor than any other modern president. Among the notable decisions: the return to the Paris climate agreement, the mandatory nature of masks on federal properties and the reversal of several of the immigration restrictions imposed by Donald Trump.

2- What America needs today from Joe Biden

The US needs inspiration after a four-year presidency characterized by division, spite and attacks on its core values, says Stephen Collinson in an analysis. In his keynote address Wednesday, Biden sympathized with the pain in the country he now leads over the pandemic hitting him and spoke with brutal honesty of the road ahead – things his predecessor despised.

3- The powerful duality of the rise of Kamala Harris

The inauguration of the first woman, the first black woman, and the first person of South Asian descent after the insurrection on Capitol Hill did two things at once: It marked a hopeful turning point in the long struggle for racial representation and justice. , and seriously stressed that confronting white supremacism will be one of the main challenges of the new administration.

4- Covid-19 in the US: the contrasts between Trump and Biden’s policy

The US is the country hardest hit by the coronavirus in the world. Under the government of Donald Trump, the country led the number of confirmed cases (more than 24.2 million) and the number of deaths (more than 401,000). With the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House there is also a change of tone towards the pandemic. Biden said five days before his inauguration that, for example, his cabinet will make decisions based on science. Dr. Elmer Huerta reviews what Trump has said and how Joe Biden will face this health crisis.

5- The effects on young people of heavy marijuana use

Heavy marijuana use by teens and young adults with mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, is linked to an increased risk of self-harm, suicide attempts, and death, a new study found.

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