Albert Rivera asks that there be Preference for Politicians in the Vaccination Process

Albert Rivera asks that there be Preference for Politicians in the Vaccination Process

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This Wednesday it became official the resignation of the Minister of Health of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, after getting the coronavirus vaccine together with 400 officials and senior officials of the Murcian Health Service, thus skipping the protocol and the order of vaccination. Although he has been tremendously criticized for it, he is not alone, has the support of Albert Rivera.

The former leader of Ciudadanos, already retired from politics, does not refuse to express his opinion and their point of view on occasion, on television programs or on their social networks. And on this occasion, he has positioned himself in favor of politicians in the vaccination process.

Rivera has defended that once the first population groups with preference, the elderly and health personnel, are vaccinated, next should be “our rulers and legislators.”

Responses against you in networks

“They would set an example before the population and we would have the leaders of the country immune to be available 24 hours and 365 days in the pandemic”, Rivera explains in his message, just on the day that Villegas resigned.

As could be expected, Twitter users have not stayed away from the debate and have responded to ex-politician. “I think that to set an example they should be vaccinated when it is their turn, like any other citizen”says one. “Even giving and assigning their dose to other groups and vaccinating the latter those without previous risks. I prefer my vaccinated butcher or my wallet than you, ”another responds.

“What our leaders have to do is hire health personnel, vaccinate them and put them to vaccinate as if there were no tomorrow and the rest according to the handsome turn, to the queue ”, adds a user to the response thread.

Absence of them in the Popular Party

Meanwhile, on the political level, the secretary general of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, of Murcian origin, had previously censored the case of several socialist mayors who had also been vaccinated. He even made fun of saying that they were already reaching “herd immunity.” However, on this occasion there have been no pronouncements.

The spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Joaquín Segado, assured that Villegas suffers “a political hunt for parties that have a lot to keep quiet”.

In opposition, on the other hand, they have reproached the position of the PP. “He criticized all the others as immoral and indecent and, look where, he had the grain at home”, Minister José Luis Ábalos has assured about García Egea.

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