• In the “El Gordo y la Flaca” program it was revealed that Clara Chía, girlfriend of Gerard Piqué, would be spying on Shakira through the press

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí continue to give something to talk about after she was uncovered in the midst of the footballer’s scandalous separation, although this time because the young woman was caught seeing photos of Shakira in the middle of the match.

According to the paparazzi Jordi Martín, who has closely followed the breakup of the couple, Clara Chía attended one of Piqué’s matches at the Camp Nou, located in Barcelona, ​​where she sat in the stands designated for the couples of the players and was accompanied at all times by a friend.

In the video shared for the program “El Gordo y la Flaca”, the young woman can be seen attentive to her cell phone at all times without paying attention to the game and one of those present at the game revealed to the paparazzi that Chía Martí would have been criticizing local media articles in which she is compared to the Colombian singer.

In addition, the couple no longer hides their love and after the sporting event they were seen more in love than ever laughing inside their vehicle with which they arrived at the airport to take the private flight that took them to their romantic getaway to Paris.

The Public Relations student, 12 years younger than the Barcelona player, was recently approached by a reporter while she was walking with a friend who did not hesitate to defend her and insisted on covering the camera to stop the questions.

“What do your parents think about you being with the Barcelona footballer in this situation?” Was one of the questions with which the reporter insisted on obtaining a statement from Clara Chía Martí, although she refused, upset at all times, even when She was questioned about the criticism she has received where they call her “the bad story” for being the third in discord in the Barranquillera relationship.

The comments were immediate and some Internet users assured that it could be the constant harassment of the media that will end her relationship with Piqué, since the young woman would not be used to dealing with a stressful situation at every step.

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