In the mobile market, Tesla, the esteemed automotive and clean energy company, has unveiled yet another highly affordable aesthetic smartphone, offering an array of improved options. This launch introduces two exceptional devices: the Tesla Pi Phone Max and the Tesla Pi Phone Plus.

It is evident that this move is aimed at posing a challenge to its competitors, particularly in the form of Apple smartphones.

One recurrent issue with contemporary smartphones is their limited battery life. Hence, if you desire an extended battery backup or extended calling duration, considering one of these Tesla smartphones as a secondary mobile device could prove advantageous.

Tesla's Pi Phone Max/Plus Smartphones will throw Apple out of the Park

Tesla’s Pi Phone Max/Plus Smartphones will throw Apple out of the Park

Let us now delve into the comprehensive details of the remarkable features and specifications of these phones.

Features of the Smartphone

The Tesla Pi Phone Max presents an impressive 6.7 inch Full HD+ Display, combining simplicity and functionality seamlessly. With dimensions of 163.00 x 74.00 x 7.60mm (height x width x thickness) and a weight of 185 grams, this touch smartphone is both compact and lightweight. The back panel of the Tesla Pi Phone Max houses a 200 MP camera, accompanied by a real LED flash light. Moreover, the storage capacity of this smartphone can be expanded up to 532GB using a micro SD card.

A 4500mAh removable battery ensures substantial power backup for the Tesla Pi Phone Max smartphone. Notably, it offers a continuous standby and talk time of up to 20 hours, a testament to its reliable performance. Connectivity-wise, a micro USB port, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack, has been thoughtfully integrated into this phone.

Apart from these features, the Tesla Pi Phone Max boasts a plethora of impressive functionalities, such as an MP3 player with voice recorder, FM radio, and wireless double mode. Additionally, the phone box contains a microphone, speaker option, and charger, catering to your practical needs. Indeed, for those seeking simplicity and practicality in a phone, the Tesla Pi Phone Max stands as a compelling choice.

Tesla Pi Phone Plus Features

The variant model, Tesla Pi Phone Plus, presents a design reminiscent of the popular Tesla Pi Phone. Sporting dimensions of 160.6 x 73.4 x 7.7 mm and a weight of 179 grams, this smartphone maintains a perfect balance between aesthetics and portability. Much like its counterpart, it features a 6.43 inch Full HD Display, providing clear and vibrant visuals. The Tesla Pi Phone Plus comes equipped with 24GB RAM and 200GB storage, while the storage capacity can be expanded up to 512GB through the use of a micro SD card.

In conclusion, the Tesla Pi Phone Max and Tesla Pi Phone Plus are commendable additions to the smartphone market, offering great value at an affordable price point. Their impressive features, enhanced battery backup, and practical design make them a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable secondary mobile device.

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