Aztec Coin

Aztec Coin of 20 pesos is offered online at almost 50,000 pesos

Aztec Calendar gold coin. (Photo: Banxico)

Every day, dozens of coins of different denominations, commemorative or minted with a precious material are sold at high prices by electronic commerce platforms. Such is the case of an old gold piece that is priced at almost 50,000 pesos.

This specimen with the denomination of 20 pesos, is part of the catalog of numismatic products of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), which presents special pieces of great value, as they also preserve a cultural richness.

The piece was created in 1917, in accordance with the characteristics of the monetary reform of 1905 and has a content of 0.48227 ounces of pure gold.

Piece created in 1917. (Photo: Banxico)

Piece created in 1917. (Photo: Banxico)

It is a historical example, since the legendary stone of the Aztec calendar. It is believed that when Hernán Cortés conquered Mexico in 1521, said calendar resided in the “Templo Mayor” of the city. Demolished and buried when the Spanish destroyed the temple, it was rediscovered in 1790.

While on its obverse it is printed a peculiar eagle that had a presence in the national currency since 1825.

This brilliant coin is seen in places like Mercado Libre, even in 44,999 pesos. According to the seller’s description it is a 22K coin and belongs to the Centenario family.

This is the price on e-commerce sites. (Photo: Free Market)

This is the price on e-commerce sites. (Photo: Free Market)

Three more copies minted in gold, and two of them with the face of the renowned Mexican and remembered “Father of the Nation”, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the Mexican priest who carried the banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe, when he created a small Army to start the independence feat in 1810, they are also part of the numismatic catalog.

In addition, they carry on their obverse the typical eagle that was used in the national coat of arms of that time and the legend “United Mexican States”.

These pieces of pure gold are part of the catalog of numismatic products of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) and were minted under the monetary reform of 1905.

A variety of currencies are offered online at high prices. (Photo: Infobae)

A variety of currencies are offered online at high prices. (Photo: Infobae)

On the internet, even gold or silver collections are offered as the case may be. An example of this are three commemorative pieces minted for the Independence of Mexico and sold for up to 148,000 pesos.

The sample of this collection was minted with the precious metal in 1921; However, in 1931, its production was suspended and in 1943 it was minted again. It must be remembered that the war for Independence started on September 16, 1810, until the Trigarante Army entered Mexico City, on September 27, 1821.

It has a pure gold content of 1.20565 ounces and like all the pieces of the centennial family, it has a purity of 0.900, as revealed by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

The gleaming piece shows on its reverse the renowned monument of the Angel of Independence, along with a background of the legendary Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl volcanoes.

While on its obverse an old national shield surrounded by the phrase “United Mexican States” was captured.

Gold or silver specimens may acquire more value. According to specialists, that is one of the characteristics of the coins to consider selling them, in addition to other aspects.

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