GTA 6 has yet to be officially confirmed by Rockstar Games. Without confiscation, a YouTuber has delved into the variations of the planisphere and presents fans with a dreamlike proscenium.

London – In the blatant hour you can get bored. You mostly sit at home, there is little you can do, and what better way to spend time than to find out about new GTA 6 rumors and leaks online? After all, there is one practically every day. New leak on the back of Grand Theft Automobile by Rockstar Games. Now a YouTuber took a very close look at the leaked images of the GTA 6 planisphere and determined: that would be highly unlikely the No.

Assortment name Grand Theft Automobile VI
Editor rock star games
Developer Rockstar North (unconfirmed)
Series Grand Theft Automobile
Uncovered world, shooter
Publication TBA

GTA 6: Pile of Leaks, Rumors and Speculation – The Fate of Rock Remains Silent

Unofficial information, leaks and rumors are always present. have fun with caution after all, many have already made mistakes. Most of the time, fans and experts just speculate, because apart from Rockstar, no one knows what GTA 6 truly looks like. Recently, fans have speculated if the momentum for GTA 6 is imminent, because Rockstar is looking for testers. Hinge: inside. But an insider acquaintance quickly disappointed these hopes. According to him, GTA 6 will not be released until 2025, if not later.

GTA 6: Full Planisphere Leaked – Do Fans Have The Proscenium Of Their Dreams?

© Rockstar Games / YouTube: TheSneezingMonkey (editor)

Other rumors and fan requests in particular concerned him. Setting up the next GTA title . So it became a particular wanted Attached City Setting in the ’80s. According to insider Tom Henderson, fans won’t have a Vice City setup in GTA 6. Fans shouldn’t corner the cutting edge in the arena now, because Henderson He’s not truly known for the GTA leaks, but so far he has correct information on Call of Duty and Battlefield leaks. Additionally, there have been leaks so far almost exclusively on the Vice City stage and for almost no other reason. It doesn’t have to mean anyone, but it can be an indication.

GTA 6: “Vice City Meets Narcos” – The planisphere can indicate the desired configuration

A very unknown YouTuber from London took a closer look at all the previous leaks and focused specifically on them. filtered motif maps . It occurred to him that a Vice City proscenium was not so improbable. Because the previously published parts of the planisphere complement each other perfectly and have been developed more and better over time. Of course, that does not mean that this planisphere is even used in the assortment. Perhaps a fan currently has a lot of time and is dedicating themselves to creating the desired planisphere for GTA 6. Without seizure, if the leaks come true, fans can look forward to a huge uncovered world in overtime.

TheSneezingMonkey has it in his video he analyzed the different maps. First of all, a section that emerged at the beginning of last year. About this: A section of the planisphere that looks a lot like Vice City from the groundbreaking GTA title. Vice City is only one in the planisphere, without confiscation small part of a huge island that could be modeled in the southern part of Florida. Because on the left you can discover Florida-like bays near Fort Myers and Cape Coral. The secret islands are even in possible planisphere of GTA 6 included.

Vice City is one of the most popular parts of the GTA series.

© Rockstar Games

Below Vice City Island there are smaller islands that could represent the Caribbean and to the south of it there is another island. According to TheSneezingMonkey, this could potentially be a Latin American Island proceeding so that a ” Vice City meets Narcos ” The proscenium would be conceivable. Further ahead you can even find more detailed maps that perfectly match the previous ones. So parts of the planisphere clearly come from the same person . The only question is whether this person is making the maps just for fun or really for Rockstar.

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