A man entered the La Plata Biopark, punched an endangered wild boar and carried it away

Buenos Aires police arrested a suspect who entered the La Plata Biopark and was captured by local security cameras when he hit a rock at a wild boar peccaryin danger of extinction, then took the animal.

The event occurred in the property located at Avenida Iraola 243, when the suspect identified as Luis Miguel Bustamente, 38, jumped a fence and entered the Pecarí boar sector. In the security camera footage, the brutal footage is observed.

Bustamente, who has record for flightOnce inside the property, he hit one of the animals with a rock and knocked it down. Then he grabbed him and started dragging him to the door he entered through. There he turned the animal outwards and then he passed to the other side.

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Outside the cage, the suspect placed the wild boar in a bag and fled from the place. Before leaving, however, he attempted to steal an otter-bred rodent”bodythough he was unsuccessful and eventually ran away.

Bustamente’s arrest

After learning of what had happened, the personnel of the place notified the Buenos Aires police and thus began to search for the suspect in the area. During this operation, the agents saw him near the Bioparque: he was wearing the same clothes that the witnesses had mentioned and he was carrying the bag where he had the animal. He was stopped.

the boar was scary when Bustamente was arrested. Immediately, the animal was transferred to the Bioparque where it was quickly treated and, according to information, it is in a delicate condition.

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After Bustamante’s arrest, investigators began to suspect that the same subject could be linked to the disappearance of one of the “Monos Titi” that occurred last January, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The case was left in the hands of UFIJ No. 16 of La Plata, in charge of the prosecutor Marcelo Romerowho accused Bustamente of the crime of Shameunder the law of Flora and fauna.

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