The Stardew Valley Rare Seed is, as the name suggests, a type of seed. It turns into Sweet Gem Berry, which can then be sold for 3000-6000g depending on quality, excluding bonuses. Players can grow rare seeds in the fall or in a greenhouse. Sweet Gem Berries can be used for a variety of things, the biggest being a way to get a Stardrop in Stardew Valley. Old Master Cannoli will give the player a Stardrop, which will permanently increase the player’s Max Energy, after receiving a Sweet Gem Berry. In multiplayer, all players will earn Stardrop by gifting a single berry. It can also be used in a sewing machine to create a white turban and as a red dye in the inkwells located in Emily and Haley’s house. This is how you can get a rare seed in Stardew Valley.

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How to Get Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley

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Players can purchase 1-5 Rare Seeds from the Traveling Cart for 1000g per Seed during Spring and Summer. During other seasons, there is a very small chance that the cart will store 1-5 rare seeds for 600-1000g per seed. Additionally, players with a Seed Maker can use it on a Sweet Gem Berry to create 1-2 Rare Seeds. However, it is much cheaper to buy them in the travel cart.

Sweet Gem Berry takes 24 days to fully mature, although players can reduce this time by using fertilizers that speed up crop growth or by having the Farmer profession. If you want to get Gold/Iridium grade Sweet Gem Berries for profit, use the Deluxe Fertilizer. You will need to start growing them early in the fall season or grow them in the greenhouse, as they will wilt by late fall.


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