The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro pointed out this Tuesday that he aspires to resume face-to-face classes in the country’s high schools and schools in October, “with all biosafety measures,” considering that by then he will have already managed to control the covid-19 pandemic.

“I aspire that the vaccination plan that we have between the months of June, July, August and September is fulfilled, we can get the vaccines that we have been assured to apply to more than 70% of the population”, thus extending one more month the mass vaccination period, whose initial commitment contemplated August as the limit.

Maduro, who led a meeting with high school students, pointed out that “by complying with the application of the doses”, by October “we could have good news for the return to classes.”

Despite the fact that, according to the president himself, he recognized on several occasions, the arrival of vaccines has been delayed as a result of the blockade due to the sanctions that weigh on the country, he acquires the commitment when the doses that Venezuela currently has, are enough to immunize 2% of the population, a figure that the health sector reduces to 0.8%.

The president assured that 88% of students want to start face-to-face classes if covid-19 can be contained, a data that, he said, was collected in a national survey through the Patria System.

The same percentage of students believe, according to the head of state, that the plan developed for distance learning, called Each Family a School, “guarantees the right to education in times of pandemic.”

Likewise, it stated that 82% of high school students use pedagogical visits and the website as a distance study methodology, despite the fact that the internet service in Venezuela is the worst in the entire region, a complaint expressed by the parents of students without access to the network, thus contradicting Maduro’s assertion.

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