After Jamaica, Belize also wants to remove Queen Elizabeth from the post of head of state. The Caribbean tour of the Dukes of Cambridge marked by protests comes to an end, earning two possible farewells to the English crown.

Belize, a former British colony, has been independent since 1981, but is administratively one of the fifteen realms of the Commonwealth and its head of state is the ruler of the United Kingdom. After William and Kate ‘s visit, the government of Belize, led by Prime Minister Johnny Briceno, reports the Independent, has confirmed that the Constitutional People’s Commission, a new body, is committed to the issue for a possible “decolonization process”.

The country’s move to envision a future as a republic is in line with a complicated tour that was supposed to restore sympathy to the Windsor dynasty and revive relations with the United Kingdom within the Commonwealth. But that instead turned out to be a debacle that could lead Belize, Jamaica to cut any residual ties with the monarchy as happened last November for Barbados.

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