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3-Year-old girl is shot in the middle of a wave of violence in New York

A three-year-old girl, who was shot in the shoulder, is the latest victim of gun violence not stopping in New York, a case in which the Police have requested the cooperation of residents to arrest the person responsible.

“Enough is enough” indicated the Police, recalling that the girl is the third minor to be wounded by a bullet in a period of two months. In January an 11-month-old girl who was with her mother, last week a seven-year-old and this Friday the girl, who was injured at a time when her father was picking her up at a daycare in Brooklyn County.

Police released video of the man, who was wearing a mask at the time he fired the shots, and who fled in a BMW car driven by another suspect.

He also indicated that neither the father nor the girl were the target of the shots.

The Police received a call and when they arrived at the scene they found the injured girl, to whom they helped and then took her in a patrol car to the nearest hospital, where the minor is in stable condition.

“We have to fix this and save our children,” Police Chief Kenneth Corey said at a news conference after the incident.

Last January, the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, a former police captain, unveiled a plan to curb the uptick in gun violence that has cost several lives since the beginning of the year.

One of the pillars of this plan was to revive a unit to patrol the streets in the areas of highest violence, a proposal that has faced criticism from activists, who have recalled several cases of police brutality when that group existed.

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