According to the information provided by the newspaper, it involved large amounts of cash -sometimes were distributed in 500 euro bills – that the assistants of the president of the Arab country put in bags of the exclusive brand Fortnum & Mason and also in briefcases, and which were delivered after the meetings of the Prince’s Charitable Fund, some of them held at the official residence of the heir to the throne, Clarence House.

These operations have generated a great deal of controversy, as was to be expected, the lack of transparency with which they would have been carried out and of the possible conflicts of interest that would derive from it.

Nevertheless, a spokesman for the prince has now assured that all these donations were carried out in strict compliance with legality and the foundation’s own codes of ethics which requires a conscientious study of the origin of these sums and allocate them entirely to solidarity causes.

In fact, the president of the organization, Ian Cheshire, has confirmed that the board of directors approved these donations after verifying that they scrupulously complied with all moral and legal standards. The bank Coutts It was also in charge of carrying out the corresponding audit to guarantee the cleanliness of the process.

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