Traffic in Mexico-Puebla

After three hours of reduction in the central lanes due to a car rollover, the Mexico-Puebla Highway towards the city free circulation.

At kilometer 028+300 of Route 1710, traffic has been restored, according to the National Guard.

Edomex and CDMX highways show vehicular load

The main accesses to CDMX and Edomex present a vehicular load (PHOTO: ROGELIO MORALES / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

According to the report of the National Guard, different road sections with access to Mexico City and the State of Mexico have a large influx.

The roads with high vehicular capacity are:

* Mexico – Puebla stretch stay ring “San Marcos“At kilometer 033+200, about 21 vehicles enter and exit 37 per minute.

* Mexico – The Marquise at kilometer 024+000 Constituyentes, section of the “La Venta” tollbooth; 14 vehicles enter, 9 exit per minute.

* Mexico – Querétaro“Tepotzotlán” toll, approximately at kilometer 043+300, 39 vehicles enter, 46 exit per minute.

* Rock – TexcocoEdomex, a capacity of vehicles is recorded at the “Peñón-Texcoco” toll booth kilometer 014+000, approximately 21 vehicles and 24 departures per minute.

Accident in Mexico-Puebla following an overturn

CAPUFE reported a accident on the road Mexico-Puebla during the last weekend of the Easter holidays.

At kilometer 28 in the direction of Puebla, a vehicle overturned, so the authorities went to the scene to attend the emergency, the central lanes were reduced to attend the accident, therefore there is a vehicle load.

“PARTIAL CLOSURE OF TRAFFIC #AutMexicoPuebla, km 28, towards Puebla. Reduction of central lanes due to attention to accidents (vehicle rollover). Handle with caution.”

Capufe reported an accident in Mexico City-Puebla (Twitter/ @CAPUFE)
Capufe reported an accident in Mexico City-Puebla (Twitter/ @CAPUFE)

Traffic is restored on the Mexico-Cuernavaca km 52 highway, towards Cuernavaca, after witnessing an accident with a motorcyclist.

Total closure of traffic due to a road accident at km 039+200, highway (1100) Imuris-Agua Prieta, Cananea-Agua Prieta section in Sonora. You have to take extreme precautions.

A motorcyclist fell from his vehicle, causing an accident on the Mexico-Cuernavaca km 52 highway, towards Cuernavaca, which is why there is a partial traffic closure.

Take your precautions in Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway, up to State of Mexicosince maneuvers are carried out to eliminate a road accident approximately at km 135+000 motorway (1720) Mexico-Querétaro, direction Querétaro.

The traffic closure continues due to the withdrawal of the wounded unit in Acatzingo Highway – City of Mendoza, km 232, direction Acatzingo. Maneuvers are still in progress to free the damaged car. For more information, call 074.

Motorway traffic has already been reactivated (2715) Tulancingo-Tihuatlán, Nueva Necaxa-Ávila Camacho sectionafter an accident.

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