The woman had 17 elements inside the false belly. Credits: @TheTime65252/Twitter

On several occasions, alleged benefits for prisoners have been denounced in the La Picota prison in Bogotáin addition to some parties that would have been presented at the penitentiary center, which is why the inspection carried out several operations during which they seized several objects prohibited in the Penitentiary Establishments of the National Order (Iran).

On Sunday April 16, during the prison visitation days, the guards managed to intercept a woman who was trying to enter the extraditable cell with a fake pregnant belly. He carried various objects prohibited for the use of prisoners.

The woman was trying to enter the prison as a visitor, so she had to go through security filters put in place for anyone wishing to see family or friends who are serving time in prison; However, the captured woman tried to enjoy the benefits of time and scrutiny that pregnant women usually have in some places, including the precaution that authorities usually take not to injure a pregnant woman’s belly in any way. .

The woman’s plan would have turned out if it hadn’t been for a guard who wondered about the shape and volume of the belly, so during one of the searches They were able to verify that the pregnancy this person suspected was false and it was a silicone prosthesis used to simulate a pregnant woman’s belly.

Inside the fake bellythe woman was carrying 17 items in total, which included four cell phones, four chargers, four USB cables, earphones, two plastic bags containing liquid – which was later confirmed to be brandy – and two Hershey’s brand chocolates.

After the discovery recorded by the guardians of the National Penitentiary and Penitentiary Institute of Colombia (Inpec), the woman was arrested and handed over to the authorities.

Previously it has been repeatedly denounced about the alleged benefits that some prisoners would have inside the prison, in addition to the parties and parradas that took place there, one of them on September 19 and 24 2022, during the celebration of Mercy. Day.

For this reason, Inpec carried out several surprise operations in which they managed to seize various objects prohibited from prisoners, the last of them was registered during the first week of April, during which the guards have discovered 53 cell phones, 14 modems, 32 chargers, a smartwatch, a projector and 49 bottles of alcohol, which they repackaged in 500ml water bottles.

In a new operation, Inpec seized prohibited items in Picota prison.  inspection
In a new operation, Inpec seized prohibited items in Picota prison. inspection

Added to this is the seizure of various objects that were trying to enter the Prison of La Picotathis was recorded after the information received by the inspectionconcerning the presence of prohibited elements in the ERE south pavilion of the prison. During the search, authorities found 40 750 milliliter whiskey bottles, 30 one-liter whiskey bottles, 47 269 milliliter canned beers, 10 700 milliliter bottles of tequila, 3 700 milliliter bottles of whiskey and , finally, 2 liter bottles of vodka.

“During the Director General’s visit to the prison on Friday and after having received first-hand information on the entry of the said elements into the pavilion of public officials of the establishment, an operation was immediately ordered, managing to seize new prohibited items, highlighting a large number of liquor bottles,” said the National Penitentiary and Penitentiary Institute in regards to.

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