This Sunday, Boston River beat Defensor 1-0, in the match corresponding to date 11 of the Uruguay – Torneo Apertura 2023 tournament. The local scored the only goal of the match after 12 minutes of play, through Facundo Muñoa .

Facundo Muñoa put in an excellent performance. The Boston River midfielder scored 1 goal.

Gian Franco Allala also stood out. The Boston River defender was important.

The match had several warnings: Fernando Elizari, Pedro Silva Torrejon, Adrian Balboa and Santiago Corbo.

Boston River DT Alejandro Apud Varela featured a 4-5-1 tactical layout with Juan Ignacio Gonzalez at the arc; Emmanuel Beltran, Guzman Rodriguez, Carlos Valdez and Pedro Silva Torrejon on the defensive line; Emiliano Sosa, Cristian Olivera, Martin Fernandez Figueira, Facundo Munoa and Jonathan Urretaviscaya in the middle; and Emiliano Rodriguez in attack.

For their part, Marcelo Méndez’s side came out with a 4-3-3 tactical arrangement with Matías Dufour under the three sticks; Juan Pintado, Guillermo De los Santos, Sebastian Boselli and Nicolás Rodríguez in defense; Rodrigo Pérez, Gonzalo Freitas and Fernando Elizari in midfield; and Matías Abaldo, Andrés Ferrari and Adrián Balboa in front.

Yimmy Álvarez Rodríguez was in charge of overseeing the order of play during the match.

The following day, Boston River will face MC Torque as visitors, while Defensor will play as visitors against Deportivo Maldonado.

In this way, the local is in fourteenth place in the championship with 9 points, while the visit, with 19, is in second place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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