Those linked to the shooting process in Topilejo are transferred to Santa Martha Acatitla

Those linked to the shooting process in Topilejo are transferred to Santa Martha Acatitla

After more than eight hours in the hearing linking the process of the ten arrested in a shooting in TopilejoTlalpan mayor’s office in Mexico City, held its transfer from the Northern Men’s Preventive Prison to the Santa Martha Acatitla prison. Around 8:30 p.m. on July 19, the change of prison of the alleged culprits began, ordered by a control judge, so that they serve informal preventive detention.

The ten subjects were taken in an armored vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC) and with officers protected by a bulletproof vest and a long weapon outside the vehicle, who were holding on to a tube in the car. In addition, they were accompanied by a caravan made up of members of security as well as journalists who walked close to them all the way. The transfer took about an hour. To reach their destination, they advanced along the Central Axis, Internal Circuit, Ignacio Zaragoza road and Ermita Zaragoza.

Upon arrival, the ten detainees were admitted to the maximum security Diamond Module of the Santa Martha Acatitla prison, in a high security mobilization by members of the SSC.

It should be remembered that they are related to crimes of kidnapping, attempted homicide, criminal association, bribery, against health for commercial purposes, possession of firearms in their collection modality, as well as possession of cartridges and chargers for use. exclusive to the armed forces. During the initial hearing, attorneys for those also identified as “Chapitos” requested the duplicity of the constitutional term, for which the judicial authority imposed the justified pre-trial detention for the probable commission of the crimes of criminal association and bribery, while for the rest of the crimes, informal.

Consequently, the control judge set a period of four months for the closure of the complementary investigation. In addition, jurisdiction was declined with regard to crimes under federal jurisdiction. According to the defense of those arrested, the arrests were arbitrary, since they would be electricians, merchants and mechanics. Likewise, during the second recess, one of the lawyers declared to the media that the one of the alleged criminals was recognized by his voice in the commission of the acts.


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