The most demanded programming languages ​​in 2022

The most demanded programming languages ​​in 2022

Although there is no exact figure, it is estimated that in the world there are over 200 programming languages. There are those who raise the figure to 700. Many have fallen into oblivion. Others are eccentricities of their creators. And some lucky languages ​​have allowed us to live in the hypertechnological society in which we are immersed. From the first punch cards to today’s voice commands, thanks to programming languages ​​it is possible to write in the language that machines understand.

demanded programming languages ​​in 2022
Demanded programming languages ​​in 2022

Programming languages they are the basis for writing instructions, commands, and algorithms. what we know as code. And with that code we make physical machines, electronic devices, programs, applications and other software work. Come on, we need programming languages ​​to create code and we need code to communicate with machines computers and devices in general.

Be that as it may, it turns out humanly impossible Know all programming languages. Several of them can be mastered, but to achieve that mastery it is necessary to learn them. do where to start? What programming languages ​​should you know if you want to be a programmer, data analysis expert or web developer? We give you the answer in three different rankings that complement each other.

TIOBE index of programming languages

We have already talked about TIOBE on occasion. It is a Dutch company dedicated to code analysis. According to them, every day analyze more than 1,000 million of lines of code of public and private developments of companies of all kinds. And in addition to that they are known for making an index with the most popular programming languages.

The index is usually published in July, good time to learn new programming languages. How do you perform this analysis? Based on detected searches on Google, Bing, Globe Live Media!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu. With the results they stipulate the popularity of each language and offer a popularity ranking. That is, what languages ​​are looking for programmers and companies.

In the latest TIOBE index, from July 2022, the results are as follows: Python, C, Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Assembler (Assembly), SQL and Swift. Compared with the list of the previous year, the same names are repeated. The differences are in the order of the first three (in 2021 they were C, Java and Python). Also new is Swift’s rise from 16th to 10th.

Python has been among the top positions for some time thanks to its use in data processing and analysis. It is an easy language to learn and allows you to create applications for scientific projects that require analyzing numerical information. Java is very popular because it allows you to create apps for any platform with little effort. C and derivatives, along with Visual Basic, are old acquaintances in the world of programming. On the other hand, JavaScript and SQL are used in Web development. And SQL also in databases.

Two curiosities stand out from the list. The first, the Assembly language. One of the first programming languages. What is still in the TOP 10? On the one hand, is still teaching because it helps to understand how programming languages ​​and software in general work. On the other hand, it stands up because it is the language used in financial platforms that require transactions at inhuman speeds. They are known as HFTs, high-frequency trading in English, high-frequency trading in Spanish. But it is still used in embedded systemsreal-time systems and other specialized devices.

Another curiosity is the rise of Swift, the Apple language that is gaining popularity as its ecosystem of devices and operating systems It facilitates the dissemination of the same application or game on all its platforms. In other words, by programming in Swift you can get an app that will work on both iPhone and iPad, Mac, Apple Watch or Apple TV.

TOP 8 DevJobsScanner Languages

But those responsible for TIOBE are not the only ones who make rankings of programming languages. Other interesting ranking to follow It is the one that makes DevJobsScanner, a portal that scans and disseminates job offers related to web development or software development. They currently have a list of more than 400,000 offers. And on that list are the programming languages ​​required by recruiters.

Their latest ranking includes more than 7 million job offers over eight months, between October 2021 and June 2022. From there they have drawn up a list of the 8 programming languages that you will most often find in job offers related to software or technology.

The TOP 8 list of DevJobsScanner is headed by JavaScript and its improved version TypeScript. Followed by Python, Java, C#, PHP, C and C++, Ruby and Go. Although changing the order, the list looks very similar to what we have seen before. Moreover, PHP appears in this TOP 8 while in the TIOBE index it is in position 11.

Surprising of this TOP is the inclusion of Ruby and Go. According to DevJobsScanner, the reason is the Ruby on Rails popularity, a framework for web applications. The use of Ruby stands out in companies such as Twitter, Crunchbase o GitHub. Go, a language created by Google for large databases and network machines, is also surprising. Apparently, companies like Uber o Twitch they use Go, and according to DevJobsScanner, it’s seeing slow but steady growth.

Stack Overflow’s annual survey

Stack Overflow programming languages
Stack Overflow programming languages

Every year, Stack Overflow surveys over 80,000 developers to know what tools they use. And from there interesting data emerges, such as, for example, which programming languages ​​are the most popular. Namely, what languages ​​are required developers for certain jobs. And if you still don’t know about Stack Overflow, it is one of the most popular platforms to answer questions related to programming and software development. According to their most recent data, they have more than 100 million monthly visitors.

At the time of this writing, the most recent Stack Overflow survey is from May 2021. The 2022 survey should be around the corner. Be that as it may, of the data it offers, we will keep those related to programming languages. Specifically, with the ten most mentioned by the 83,052 respondents.

The list is headed by JavaScript. Followed by HTML and CSS, Python, SQL, Java, Node.js, TypeScript, C#, C++, and PHP. We omit Bash and Shell from the list because they are the command interpreters and programming language of UNIX and Linux. Of the rest of the list, the languages ​​related to web development stand out: JavaScript and its improved version TypeScript, Node.js, also related to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP. And in the software programming part, Python, C# and C++ stand out, which I talked about above. The first for his versatility and ease of use in data processing and management. And the other two for the facilities provided by Microsoft for its use.

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