Vatican City, March 10. Pope Francis said he would only resign if fatigue “prevents him from seeing clearly” or because of a physical problem, in an interview to be broadcast by Swiss Radio a few days after the tenth anniversary of his pontificate and that they advance today the Italian media.

“A fatigue that does not make it clear. The lack of clarity, of appreciation of the situations. Even the physical problem, it can be”, says the pope about the possibility of renouncing the pontificate as he did Benedict XVI.

And in this regard, he assures that he asks people who know him or “intelligent cardinals” how things are going and that for the moment they tell him “it’s going well” and he asks them: “But if he please: shout in time”, so that he let me know when you see that something is not working.

Francisco has already claimed in an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC that he had written a letter of resignation, as other pontiffs have done in the past, in the event of a serious health problem.

Asked how much he has changed after ten years of pontificate, Francis replies: “I am old. I have less physical resistance, the knee was a physical humiliation, even if it is already healing well, but at the beginning it gave him a bit of a shame” to have to use a wheelchair.

He claims that we are currently living in a third world war because “it started in pieces, but now no one can say that it is not global. The great powers are all entangled. The battlefield is Ukraine. War is waged, old weapons are sold, new ones are tested.”

On what he would say to Russian President Vladimir Putin, if he could find him, he specifies: “I would speak to him clearly as I speak in public. He’s a cultured man.”

“On the second day of the war, I was at the Russian embassy in front of the Holy See to say that I was ready to go to Moscow on the condition that Putin gave me a window to negotiate. Lavrov wrote to me for thank me but it’s not Putin knows that I’m available. But there are imperial interests there, not only of the Russian Empire, but of other empires. It is good that the empire puts the nations in the second plane,” he added.

Regarding Europe, he underlines that “at the moment there are a lot of young politicians, heads of government or ministers” and that he always tells them to talk to each other: “He is on the left, you are on the right , but you are young, talk about it. It’s time for dialogue between young people,” he said.

When asked how he imagines the “afterlife” after death, he admits, “I can’t imagine it. I don’t know what could be. I only ask Our Lady to be by my side”. EFE


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