PRO President, Patricia Bullrich

The presidential candidate for the PRO, Patricia Bullrichsuggested what his management lines would be, if he were elected to the next electionsdefended the “strong hand” and questioned the tasks that the national government assigned to the argentina army in the fight against Drug traffic In Rosario.

“I have three priorities: economy, education there securitysaid Bullrich and clarified that if elected president, she will put “95% of the effort into these three pillars because they are what society needs.”

With regard to security, the head of the PRO maintained that “it takes a strong hand”, an approach which she argued by strongly criticizing the national government’s strategy of using the Armed forces in the urbanization vulnerable neighborhoods of the city of Santa Fe. Bullrich recalled that three years ago he proposed to deploy the army in the territory of Rosario. “They told me nonsense”, he mentioned and added: “Now they take the Armed Forces, but they do everything halfway: you take them to build houses and they are not necessary for that.”

The declarations of the pre-candidate for the Presidency are made after the entry into force of the measures announced by the President Alberto Fernandez fight against drug trafficking: the deployment of 1,400 police officers, the creation of a delegation of Financial Information Unit (FRC), strengthening prison work to prevent organized crime from developing, using the army in urbanization, as well as installing facial recognition cameras.

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However, Bullrich stressed that it is also necessary to control the border. “If you let the medication and it is commercialized and the gangs kill each other to manage the territory and you leave the border free; So, well, this problem is going to spread and, on top of that, it’s going to spread like oil all over the country, which is happening now that you have drug traffic wherever you want”, explained the former Minister of Security in an interview with A24.

Troops visit the most vulnerable neighborhoods.  (Photo: REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)
Troops visit the most vulnerable neighborhoods. (Photo: REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)

In this sense, he affirmed that “there is no place in the country that does not have drug trafficking”, but stressed that the difference is that “violence, as it is lived in Rosario, which kills people every day, occurs in few places.” For this reason, he stressed that it is necessary to deploy “all forces”, make available “all criminal intelligence”, create “new prisons totally and absolutely controlled” and “disarm the population which is armed”. “For this, the security forces we have are not enough for you and, for this reason, the army must leave,” the topic concluded.

Although she anticipated what her priorities would be if elected president, Bullrich said she has yet to define who her running mate will be amid the internal bastion she is going through. Together for changewhich confronts her, in her space, with the head of the government of Buenos Aires, Horace Rodriguez Larreta. “I haven’t decided yet. I have several months left for that,” he said, but he said he was dedicated to building “a stronger and stronger proposition, with people coming not only of politics, but also of the intelligentsia, of culture, of all persuasions”. Thus, he defines his political assembly as “a great movement for change”. Regarding the moment of high tension for the opposition , Bullrich simply said, “Well, it’s a contest to define important things for the country” and then he defined it as a “great debate”.

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In addition to the three axes it plans to have, Bullrich has proposed the removal of the Social plans and proposed, instead, to implement a unemployment insurance which encourages people to find a job before the end of the six months that this measure would allow. He also mentioned that he plans to implement a system of “popular shutoutso that people who have their savings in dollars can file a complaint with the AFIP this money so that they have the possibility of using it in what they intend to do.

“We need order. Order is the key word that the country needs. The economic order, in security against drug trafficking, in education”, summed up the president of the PRO in her electoral proposals.

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