On February 26, Omar Plaini became the new president of The Andes. The union leader of the Canillitas union and provincial senator of Buenos Aires came to the club with a clear mandate: to order the institution which was dominated by the bar. Ten days later, the violent welcome him: This afternoon, they fired shots at the door of the club’s school where about fifteen shots were heard and there was no accidental death. In fact, the shooting happened when the parents had gone to the door to pick up the students of the morning shift to pick them up and between those who had to hide in the middle of the cars and the teachers who were ushering everyone in take refuge in the school yard, we avoided a tragedy of unimaginable dimensions.

According to preliminary information with which Lomas de Zamora’s tax investigation unit number 4 works, the attack came from the official faction of the bar referenced in Walter Coronelwho is in prison for a case related to illegal gambling, also has a three-year prison sentence for violence in football and who has just been acquitted with Rafael Di Zeo and Cristian Fido De Vaux in the trial for two crimes on the detainee from Boça. Coronel was the strong man of the Lomas de Zamora de La Doce group.

He and his brother Hernán were the owners of the stands and many other things in the club during the presidency of Víctor Grosi, outgoing owner and also general secretary of the Sitraic union, Construction, where there are constant complaints of barrabrava violence. Faced with the defeat of the ruling party in the club, the new authorities began to review all the “kiosks” that manned the bar and the response came sooner than expected. And this is not only a message for the brand new board of directors, but also for the dissident faction of the bar, called Chaco Chico, which with the change of power intends to return to the popular.

In fact, the incident began when three men from the official bar, including, according to the police report, Hernán Coronel, Walter’s brother, spotted Diego Fernando Callén, a man from Chaco Chico, in a car around the corner. ‘school. Right there they approached him, they stole his mobile phone, they beat him and when he managed to get into the car to escape, they fired a burst of gunfire at him which didn’t fortunately did not reach its target.

At that time, on the corner of Portela and Santa Fe, the boys who attended that school had just graduated, so there were some dramatic moments that looked more like a scene from a western than the normal development of an entity educational.

Walter Coronel, head of the bar, is in prison but his brother would have participated in the latest events

“I am outraged and bitter. They knew they were going to boycott my management, but not so quickly. I arrived at the club with a commitment to order it and it turns your guts. We made 300 new members, we signed the contract with the jersey sponsor, we started taking out the personal kiosks so that no one takes advantage of the club and you end up with this madness. We at the school have 1,400 enrolled, it’s the pride of the Milrayitas family and they attack there. They no longer respect anything. There are the cameras of the club, of the institution, everything so that they can identify them and put them in prison. Listen, I have experience in the union world, but my family did not want me to join the club because they know that the hand is heavy. But they won’t bend my arm. I said that in two years I will command the club and I will. I only ask for the collaboration of the police and the justice system to put these vandals in prison”, declared Omar Plaini. GlobeLiveMedia he hardly discovered the fact.

The inmate comes from 2013 when historic leader José Anacleto Paz fell, sentenced to 14 years in prison for the crime of a Banfield fan. Paz already had an extensive file and numerous political contacts. Indeed, before this murder, he had been the subject of three trials for threatening club technicians with weapons and even for putting a Molotov cocktail under the car of a former manager who did not want to give in to his pressure. In the political field, he had worked in the Deliberative Council when the justicialist Jorge Rossi was mayor and had the management of social plans. His downfall precipitated the rise of two of his sons, Elías and Nicolás, who followed in their father’s footsteps: they ruled the popular club with blood and fire until they murdered a rival in the meters detained from the stadium in 2017 and end up being sentenced to 15 years in prison. This was the moment when the Coronel group, after several battles with those of Chaco Chico, ended up winning the popular and became the owners of the institution and especially of the Villa Albertina property, which they managed as they pleased, organizing tournaments of football and charge without paying anything to the club. The brothers also managed to enter La Doce, they became very strong and the estate seemed total due to their alliance also with the Los Andes board. In fact, in previous elections, they were in charge of intimidating the Plaini list, in which they had not allowed to participate.

But this time it was different. The club is going through a very big crisis and the members have pushed for the trade unionist to present himself again. He did and he won. And for the first home game, last Saturday against Cañuelas, the people of Chaco Chico returned to the field. To another area, getting a little noticed, but starting to come back. And that infuriated the other side, which this afternoon went to do its thing where it hurts the most: at the door of the Ejército de Los Andes school, belonging to the club. A fact that has not been forgotten among the parents is that today there were no police at the entrance, which is usual. And this shows that nothing in the world of Barrabrava violence is a coincidence.

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