Uruguay is one of the countries in the region where the platform is gaining momentum. (Infobase)

The advancement of technology in the new millennium, added to the coronavirus pandemic that has hit internationally, has led citizens to seek new ways to enjoy cinema from the comfort of home.

As a result, various streaming platforms have sprung up, as is the case with HBO Maxwhich has been able to take advantage of its wide catalog of productions and has positioned itself in the taste of users.

From this catalog stand out these 10 movieswho have gained fame and become the topic of conversation in recent days.

Here is the list of the most viewed HBO Max Uruguay:

1. Minions: Origin of Gru

Long before he became an evil genius, Gru was just a 12-year-old boy in the 1970s trying to take over the world from the basement of his house in a random suburb. And it wasn’t going too well. But when Gru crosses paths with Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto – a brace-wearing new Minion desperate to be accepted – this unlikely family teams up to build their first hideout, design their first weapons and fulfill their own dreams and first assignments.

2. The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium

3. Jane Doe’s Autopsy

The owner of a small-town funeral home and his son, who works with him, one day receive the body of the victim of a mysterious crime: a beautiful young woman with no apparent cause of death. Both will try to reveal the intriguing reasons for the death of the young woman.

4. Bandit Love

Joan is a naive and loving 16-year-old boy, the son of a prominent and wealthy national judge who has a troubled family relationship. One day, he decides to run away with Luciana (35), a beautiful woman who works as a teacher in his school. Fooling relatives and friends, Joan and her companion travel to an upcountry mansion to unleash their love. But soon Joan discovers with horror that she has fallen into a trap. Now Joan must fight to save her life, discovering the dark side of love along the way.

5. Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn)

After parting ways with the Joker, Harley Quinn and three other heroines (Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya) join forces to rescue a young girl from the evil king of crime, Black Mask.

6. Minions

The history of the Minions dates back to the beginning of time. They started out as single-celled yellow organisms that evolved over time, always serving the most despicable masters. Failing to follow the masters from T. Rex to Napoleon, the Minions find themselves alone and fall into a deep depression. However, one of them, named Kevin, has a plan. Accompanied by the rebellious Stuart and the lovable Bob, he embarks on an exciting journey to find a boss to serve, the terrible Scarlet Overkill. They will go from frozen Antarctica, to New York in the 60s, to end up in London at the same time, where they must face the greatest challenge to date: to save the Minion race from annihilation.

7. Bullet train

Five hitmen find themselves aboard a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka with a few stops in between. They discover that their missions are not unrelated to each other. The question is who will get off the train alive and what awaits them at the final station.

8. Those who wish me dead

A teenage witness to a murder is chased by twin killers through the Montana wilderness. Although he enlists a survival expert to stop the minions from tracking him down, a nearby fire soon threatens to take the lives of everyone involved.

9. When I Find You

An American soldier stationed in Iraq finds a photograph of a woman who falls in love with him. He considers the discovery to be irrefutable proof of his good fortune, so when he returns to his country, he looks for the young girl and finds her: she is a divorced mother. Adapted from a novel by Nicholas Sparks (Noa’s Diary).

10. Don’t Worry Honey

Alice and Jack are lucky enough to live in Victoria, the corporate experimental town that is home to the men who work for the top-secret Victoria Project and their families. Life is perfect, with all the needs of the residents covered by the company. All they ask in return is an unconditional commitment to Victoria’s cause. But when cracks start to appear in her idyllic life, exposing glimpses of something far more sinister lurking beneath the alluring facade, Alice can’t help but wonder what they’re doing to Victoria and why. How much is Alice willing to lose to bring to light what really happens in paradise?

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, likewise, they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

Since its appearance, the HBO Max platform has become one of the most important in the streaming battle.  (EFE/EPA/JUSTIN LANE)
Since its appearance, the HBO Max platform has become one of the most important in the streaming battle. (EFE/EPA/JUSTIN LANE)

HBO Max is a subscription television network that emerged in the United States also known as the Home Box Office, which is owned by WarnerMedia, through which you can find movies and series.

Between the hottest titles Propia production encuentran Los Soprano, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Sex and the City, True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Game of Thrones.

It also has partial rights to films produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as select films by The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios.

In Latin America, you can also enjoy other channels such as HBO 2, HBO+, HBO Family, HBO Xtreme and Cinemax, among others.

HBO It was the first cable and satellite channel Established as a television station for non-terrestrial transmission, it was in 1965 that cable pioneer Charles Francis Dolan won the franchise to build a cable system in Lower Manhattan.

Instead of hanging the cable on the telephone poles, it was decided to put the cable under the streets of manhattansince the signal could be blocked by tall buildings and skyscrapers in the city.

In December 2010, the channel had 28.6 million subscribers in the United States, become the largest cable television network in this country. Then it began its expansion to other countries including: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others, for a total of 150 nations.

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