Superstitions play a fundamental role in this tradition, along with the important days that mark the current year. Here we tell you all the details.

The Christmas Lottery , the Extraordinary Christmas Draw and the Christmas jackpot are some of the names given to the event that paralyzes and fills all of Spain with emotion. This 2021, the traditional draw distributes 2,408 million euros in prizes among the 172 million tickets issued.

There is no doubt that from early on the desire of many will be to go out and try their luck. Although at the moment there is already a series of tickets that are among the most demanded numbers in Spanish administrations. Here we tell you in detail how this giveaway works.


Superstitions play a fundamental role in this tradition. In fact, some numbers have been exhausted in the administrations. Precisely, these are usually those that show figures of dates of important events that mark the current year.

The tenth that is no longer available at the moment is the one that coincides with the first day of the eruption of the La Palma volcano , as happened in 2020 with the date on which the confinement was decreed in Spain. This year has happened with the number19921.

The same happens with the great snowfall that the storm Filomena brought on January 8. This number has become one of the most requested for the Extraordinary Draw : the80121 which is almost sold out in lottery establishments.

Another event that is succeeding in the search for tenth has to do with the signing of Lionel Messi by Paris Saint-Germain. The player now wears the number 30 on the team, so many have wanted to get the tenth00030.


Another of the most common practices when choosing a ticket is to look at the terminations of the tenths. And it is that the most successful among Spaniards are numbers 5 and 7, with five being the number that has won the most times in the Christmas Lottery .

The endings that have won the most times in the history of the game were 85 and 57. To find out in which administrations these numbers are available, you can consult the 2021 Christmas Lottery number locator .

How is the Christmas Lottery played?

The 2021 Christmas Lottery will be on December 22 with 2,408 million euros in prizes. The Christmas jackpot puts 400,000 euros at stake, the second prize is 125,000 and the last prize is 50,000. Like the National Lottery of Spain , the balls are first introduced into the drums and then the winning numbers are drawn.

There will be two drums that will be found in the room of the Royal Theater of Madrid . The first is to extract the numbers at random and the second is to extract the prizes that will be distributed. One of the children of San Ildefonso, draws a number while another of them is in charge of extracting a prize from each drum.

Both have to say singing what each ball contains for the broadcast of the draw live. The same process is repeated until all the raffle prizes are fully distributed. The Extraordinary Christmas Draw will be broadcast live on December 22 via Antena 3 Noticias .


The 2021 Christmas Lottery has been on sale since July 8, which means that it could be purchased since the beginning of this summer, both from a physical State Lottery Administration and from its website . But, there is also a deadline date and time for your purchase: December 21 until 10 p.m.


The tenths, illustrated with the work ” The Virgin of the Granada ” by the Italian painter Fra Angélico that are in the Prado Museum, can be purchased at 11 thousand points of the Loterías commercial network. Even from the Loterías y Apuesta del Estado website you can access the search engine, where we insert the number we want and it offers us its location.


An alternative to buying Lottery tickets is to do it online, something that has advantages for the buyer, since it is not necessary to leave home, and we can also buy any number that we like, regardless of whether it is in an administration in the other end of the country.

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