The granddaughters of the US president, Joe Biden , are the great protagonists of his life. Natalie, Naomi, Finnegan and Maisy have not only become his best encouragement to the President of the United States when forces have faltered, but they were also the architects for him to run to snatch the chair in the Oval Office from Donald Trump. However, if there is a favorite among them, it is undoubtedly Naomi, her eldest granddaughter. The daughter of Hunter Biden and his first wife, Kathleen, is named after the thirteen-month-old daughter her grandfather lost in a car accident on Christmas 1972 alongside his wife, Neilia Hunter.

Naomi biden

With a law degree from Columbia University and a specialization in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania, Naomi, who just turned 28, grew up in an elegant neighborhood in Washington, DC, surrounded by her four other siblings, for whom she feels authentic devotion and for those who has become an example to follow.

A conscious witness to her parents’ divorce, as well as her father’s romance with her uncle Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, Naomi has witnessed several of the tragedies that occurred in her family , but also a fundamental part of the great pineapple that makes up the entire Biden family. “Anyone who wants to get to Joe Biden will have to get past us first. A solid unit indeed! ” Naomi once wrote on her social media profile along with a picture of her family.

Naomi biden

Part of the prestigious international law firm, Arnold & Porter, Naomi announced last November her engagement to her partner of three years, her faculty partner Peter Neal , who worked during the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign as a fellow and also did practices in the White House during the Obama presidency.

Being the oldest of seven grandchildren, since to the four already mentioned we must add her two grandchildren Robert, Beau and the newcomer Navy, it is natural that Naomi is the closest to the President and the First Lady or as she affectionately calls them. her “pop” and her “lullaby”. “Joe and Jill Biden felt that they were too young to be grandparents when my father had me at 23, so I decided to call them that since they were not ready to be called grandfather and grandmother” Naomi confessed in an interview with the Today program .

Naomi has accompanied Joe Biden on many of her political engagements even before he became the 46th President of the United States. She traveled with him on an official visit to China in August 2011 and New Zealand in July 2016, so it’s no wonder she has become her most loyal squire.

Joe Biden with his granddaughter Naomi

With more than 315,000 followers on Twitter, almost double what she enjoys on Instagram, where she accumulates 177,000, Naomi is on her way to becoming the influencer of the family. Willing to conquer the world, Biden’s granddaughter uses the first of social networks in a more political and informative way, while the second of them uses it to show her fans her day-to-day life, as well as her most unknown and fun side.

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