Marta Bosquet, president of Parliament of Andalusia, calls for “agreements” to overcome the challenges of the pandemic

Marta Bosquet, President of Parliament of Andalusia, calls for “Agreements” to overcome the challenges of the Pandemic

The speech of Marta Bosquet, president of the Parliament of Andalusia, on the occasion of the 28F has been impregnated with continuous references to the pandemic, its effects on the Andalusian community and the heroic struggle of health workers and other professionals in the battle against the virus.

But Bosquet has not only anchored himself in the past, but has also looked to the present and the future, underlining the need to continue fighting against Covid, to avoid the closure of companies and to serve the people who are most in need.

For this reason, the president of the Andalusian Chamber has asked that the reconstruction be not only economic, but also social, and has demanded “historical responsibility” of parliamentary groups and institutions to “seek consensus and agreements to offer answers and overcome together defiance “rather than” disaffection.

“In the face of adversity and challenges, it is more necessary than ever to have strong institutions so that this crisis does not take away our coexistence, so that tension does not become the best ally of those who bet on constitutional rupture,” Bosquet said.

She claims “historical responsibility with Andalusia, Spain and democracy.” In her opinion, it is necessary “to restore trust in the institutions, instead of feeding disaffection.”

What unites us

“We are in one of the most difficult and worrying moments in our history, in which the decisions we make these months will mark the next few years and possibly the next decades. The call to be united is not just a literary device in a speech. It is a necessity. The most urgent thing  has been to reinforce health, education and social policies, the main columns of our welfare system and the main mechanisms for the equality of all citizens.”

Deathly victims

The representative of the Andalusian Parliament has paid tribute to the victims of the Covid, especially remembering their relatives in a 28F in which there are many absences. “The tribute of Andalusia today is to them,” said Bosquet, who has also paid tribute to “those who continue to fight the coronavirus in hospitals and from homes.”

Marta Bosquet recalled the titanic work of scientists from around the world in a fight against the clock to discover the vaccine against the coronavirus, “to find a weapon with which to confront an enemy that is too powerful.”

The dedication of scientists has saved thousands of lives, hence the importance of supporting their work.

“However, until vaccination is a reality for the majority, the most important part depends on prevention and prudence, so I have to insist on the need for us to remain responsible. The virus kills, it continues to do so every day. It kills close to us, in our cities, in our neighborhoods, and when it expands, the more lives it takes. Taking care of ourselves is the best way to take care of others and the best proof of solidarity,” said the president of the Autonomous Chamber.

In her speech, Bosquet referred especially to the “sleeplessness of health personnel, risking their lives to do all they could”, highlighting that “they have fought a violent disease and in difficult circumstances that threatened the collapse of our health system. They have sounded the alarm and have called for us to become aware of the virus.”

The president of Parliament has not eluded the lack of means with which these professionals have struggled.

The health workers have fulfilled their duty, not always with the appropriate protection material,” said this deputy, who declared that despite this, “they have responded with a memorable attitude and giving quality and humane care. They have been the hand of relatives who could not be with the sick, affection in lonely moments and the last company of those who could not continue fighting. They are heroes but also citizens who returned home with fear of infecting their families.”

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