OnePlus would launch its 9R Smartphone and Smartwatch in March

OnePlus would launch its 9R Smartphone and Smartwatch in March

Manufacturers often have times that are more intense than others, and often these are times of new product launches. This is also true for manufacturers of electronic devices and these periods sometimes occur several times a year.

OnePlus, like many other electronics manufacturers, prepare their product launch schedules well in advance. This makes it possible to identify the most intense periods and to prepare things as they should. For OnePlus, the month of March could be one of those very busy periods, between new smartphones and any new product.

OnePlus to launch 9R Smartphone and Smartwatch in March

OnePlus could indeed have a very busy March. Well-known leakster Ishan Agarwal told 91Mobiles that the Chinese manufacturer will unveil no less than four new devices during the month of March, including a 9R smartphone as well as its more standard 9 and 9 Pro devices.

The brand would also unveil its highly anticipated smartwatch. Ishan Agarwal has no technical information to share either for this 9R or for the connected watch but this information comes just days after the discovery of the name 9R by another well-known leakster, Evan Blass.

A very busy month for product launches ahead

The 9R was until now known as the 9E or 9 Lite, it could bridge the gap between the usual OnePlus flagships and the entry-level Nord N devices.

Nothing very exceptional, it seems, with its 6.5-inch screen at 90 Hz, its Snapdragon 690 chip or its main 64 MP sensor but the device could offer more RAM and battery (8 GB and 5,000 mAh) than the 6 GB and 4,300 mAh North N10.

The 9 and 9 Pro, meanwhile, are expected to have a 120Hz display, Snapdragon 888 chip, and even improved camera modules. In other words, as usual, if your budget allows it, you will be entitled to better.

The OnePlus smartwatch, meanwhile, could be a circular Wear OS watch that shares a number of features of the Oppo Watch RX.

If this information is true, then expect OnePlus to start teasing its 9R, watch and other devices in the coming days. It goes without saying that this would mark the brand’s biggest product launch to date. We would then be entitled to 4 major products and a full range of smartphones for all needs.

No one knows if fans of the manufacturer will be fully satisfied- a compromise 9R device doesn’t quite live up to the “Never Settle” motto – but the Chinese company is at least expanding its offering.

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