Margarita Del Val explains that Herd Immunity will not be possible if those Vaccinated infect

Margarita Del Val explains that Herd Immunity will not be possible if those Vaccinated infect

Many people have their treatments delayed due to the urgency of caring for coronavirus patients. This is the case, for example, of cancer patients, who have had their cures postponed, so now there are some voices that point out the need to prioritize their vaccination.

It is the case of Margarita del Val, virologist at the Higher Center for Scientific Research (CSIC). During the symposium “Cancer Reviews”, noted the suitability of administering the remedy against COVID-19: “They are among the groups that most need vaccines.”

The exception

Although yes, she specified that those patients who have already had cancer or whose immune system is not weakened “do not need any prioritization”. For the expert, “the ideal would be receive the vaccine three to four weeks before starting any treatment that is going to compromise the immune system.”

She also detailed that it is recommended in these patients that they are vaccinated when the immune system responds in the best possible way, something that happens “when the blood formula has recovered and there are normal levels of lymphocytes.”

Greater protection

For this reason, she insisted that this class of patients they are from the groups “that most need these vaccines, since any additional protection they may have is good. “Therefore, he proposed to vaccinate” if it is known that chemotherapy is going to be started so that antibodies are made, since the antibodies persist and they will be resistant.”

Herd immunity

Finally, the specialist stressed that general immunity will not be possible if those vaccinated infect: “While this is not clear, herd or herd immunity it cannot be calculated.”

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