Skate City is

Skate City is “soon” available on PC and consoles

You may have noticed it, but for a few months now, the world of skateboarding is back in fashion in the video game landscape. Seeing the enthusiasm of players for Skater XL, Session and especially Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, forgotten licenses then decide to come back to the forefront, we are obviously referring to Skate 4 which will now be developed by Full Circle, a new Electronic Arts studio, and small productions already available on services like Apple Arcade choose to land on PC and consoles to reach a larger audience. This is particularly the case with our topic of the day, Skate City!

Available since the launch of the Apple Arcade service on iOS and Mac, Skate City offers Players the opportunity to perform a multitude of tricks in uncluttered environments. Today, therefore, the pastel title marking a collaboration between Snowman and Agens decides to venture into new horizons by landing “soon” on PC, via Steam and Epic Games Store, but also on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, no release date has been specified by the developers.

Obviously, the formula of the game will remain the same, it will therefore offer players a middle ground between the Electronic Arts saga and the independent series OlliOlli. It will therefore be necessary to use the two joysticks of your controller to perform many realistic figures in a horizontal scrolling environment.

Brent Dubin
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