Man is arrested in Spain for infecting 22 people with coronavirus

Man is arrested in Spain for infecting 22 people with coronavirus

A Mallorcan who infected 22 people with coronavirus He was arrested for going to work and the gym despite having symptoms of the disease, police said Saturday.

The Spanish island police began investigating in late January after detecting an outbreak in the city of Manacor (Mallorca), after receiving reports on “a worker who had been infected and had hidden his illness”, He specified in a statement.

Days before the outbreak was detected, the individual began to show symptoms, prompting concern from colleagues. But he refused to go home.

At the end of the day, he performed a PCR test to detect COVID-19 but he did not wait for the result. The next day he returned to work and also went to his local gym.

At work, both the manager and staff insisted that he go home because he could be infecting other people. But he ignored them and during his workday, the man circulated throughout the premises, coughing while lowering his mask, stating “I’m going to give you all the coronavirus“, according to the police.

At the end of the day, when the test result came back positive, his alarmed colleagues also had to be screened. Five of them tested positive and in turn infected several of their relatives, including three one-year-old babies.

In the gym, three people who had been in direct contact with the man were also infected and transmitted the virus to their relatives.

Due to these facts, the worker was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of injury, and yesterday he was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.

Police said their actions resulted in a total of 22 infections, although none required hospital treatment.

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