Ivana Icardi is expecting her first Daughter with her Uruguayan Boyfriend

Ivana Icardi is expecting her first Daughter with her Uruguayan Boyfriend

Ivana Icardi is expecting her first Daughter with her Uruguayan boyfriend: “The loves of my life have become two”

Less than a year after confirming their relationship, Ivana Icardi announced that she is expecting a daughter with her boyfriend, the former Uruguayan basketball player Hugo Sierra. After parting ways with Luifa Galesio, Mauro’s sister and Wanda Nara’s sister-in-law settled in Mallorca with her partner, whom she also met on a reality show and her life gave such a big change that she is preparing to enlarge the family.

The Rosario announced the news with a post on her Instagram account, which far exceeds 900 thousand followers: “Now the loves of my life have become two”, wrote the media, in a photo that showed her kissing her partner and holding between them an image of the ultrasound. “Welcome our happiness GIORGIA”, wrote the Uruguayan revealing the baby’s name, on the same photograph, but in a black and white tonality, according to her profile on the social network.

The couple met in Survivors 2020, a Spanish reality in the style of the remembered Robinson Expedition. The Rosario spent 18 weeks on the island of Cayo Cochinos, where she experienced different extreme situations, which put her tenacity and resistance to the test. She lost 14 kilos, which she proudly regained despite some criticism about the eternal debate of the perfect silhouette. And on that desert island he found love.

Ivana Icardi announced her pregnancy: she is waiting for Giorgia with her partner Hugo Silva

Ivana Icardi announced her pregnancy: she is waiting for Giorgia with her partner Hugo Silva. 

Hugo Martín Sierra also had a tour in television reality shows since in 2017 he won the Spanish edition of Big Brother Revolution. She has a teenage daughter who lives in Miami with her mother and a son who will soon be two years old, the result of her relationship with Adara Molinero, another media outlet with arms.

The Ivana and Hugo thing was love at first sight and since the crush on the Central American island they did not separate. For the holidays, the Rosario dedicated an emotional post on her Instagram, where she pointed out the return that she gave her life last year: “I moved from Italy to Spain again, I went from being without a partner to meeting a wonderful man, whom I love with my soul and who to this day we continue to share everything together “. There was still no sign of Giorgia, at least publicly.

Ivana does not have a good relationship with her soccer brother or with her sister-in-law Wanda, who so far did not speak publicly about the news. The first public focus of conflict occurred since the entry of the then unknown young woman to the house of Big Brother in 2016. It was speculated that the card Ivana had to play was to reveal the intimacies of the couple. And although it was not like that, over time the bad relationship between the two women began to come to light, which spread to the Icardi brothers.

Ivana Icardi's post for the 2020 holidays: new year, new life


In 2019, Ivana went through the Italian version of the famous house, where she confessed that the relationship with the current player of the Paris Saint Germain he had been ruined “from the moment a person came into his life”. Who? Neither more nor less than Wanda, of whom he said: “If Mauro were not a soccer player, she would never be with him”. As expected, Icardi’s wife did not let this offense go by. “Life always shows you who used you out of interest, and you check it when, still away from you, keep looking for economic benefits on yourself“Wanda wrote on her account Instagram in clear reference to Ivana.

The young woman insisted on criticizing her sister-in-law on social networks, saying that all she was looking for was to have her brother “back”, it was Mauro himself who came out to answer her. “As this is not going to happen, worry about occupying the time you waste on Twitter with nonsense at work! As your intentions are not going to get any benefit”Wrote the footballer. And then everything was left to the lawyers.

Ivana Icardi wants to reconcile with her brother Mauro and Wanda Nara

During your participation in Survivors 2020, Ivana broke down when remembering the difficult relationship with her brother: “I have always had guilt in my mind because many times I have felt guilty about situations with my family, which many times I have created without realizing it, trying to solve things that have not been in my power. Instead of improving them, I have muddied them much more, generating more conflict without realizing it, ”Ivana began.

Days after leaving the island, Ivana opened her heart to the Spanish magazine Readings to tell about the difficult situation he lived with his dad, Juan Carlos Icardi, for trying to defend his mother, Analía Rivero, of their mistreatment. He assured that “many times” he had thought of killing his father, whom they finally denounced. Wanda replied through a message that her lawyer read, Ana Rosenfeld: “It is absolutely false, Mauro’s father is a saint and she invents anything in order to have a press”.

Away from her family, but also far from scandals, Ivana starts the year with the best of news: in love and expecting her first child. Perhaps it is a little push that was missing to start the path to reconciliation.

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