Hundreds of mining Notebooks: Video clip shows a large Crypto Farm in China

Hundreds of mining Notebooks: Video clip shows a large Crypto Farm in China

The mining craze just never ends! A crypto mining farm was discovered again, this time in China, and it is supposed to house hundreds of identical notebooks with Nvidia Geforce RTX 3000 Ampere graphics cards. Suddenly memories of the gigantic mining rig with 78 RTX 3080, which we reported to you a few weeks ago, are awakened.

Back then we only saw one photo, today a short video clip leads us through several rows, closely stacked and interlocked notebooks. And no, this is definitely not a manufacturer’s warehouse, it would look different:

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Seeing such a notebook mining rig in action is both interesting and terrifying. The latter mainly because it is almost as difficult to access notebooks with an RTX 3000 as it is to get one of the desktop versions.

The fact that notebooks are also used for cryptomining has recently become apparent and is therefore only of limited surprise. For example, the US tech magazine Wccftech reported in connection with power outages in Iran that miners want to satisfy their computing power needs with mobile devices.

Column: Despite all the understandable disappointment, the debate about crypto mining is not quite as clear-cut as it may seem. It is revealing for both manufacturers and us gamers.

Which notebooks are they?

According to the pictures shown and the video clip, the models appear to be from the Chinese manufacturer Hasee, the design of which is somewhat reminiscent of MSI notebooks. Wccftech wants to find out even more. Accordingly, the laptops should be based on the mobile version of the RTX 3060.

How the miners got so many identical notebooks is unclear. But the fact that these are exactly the same devices at least suggests that they were not bought in a small shop around the corner. Rather, it seems reasonable to assume that a wholesaler, if not the manufacturer himself, had a hand in it – at the moment, however, that is pure speculation.

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