Elections in Catalonia: Can you vote with an expired ID, Passport or Driver's license?

Elections in Catalonia: Can you vote with an expired ID, Passport or Driver’s license?

Despite the pandemic and the third wave of the coronavirus that Spain has experienced since last January, lThe Catalan elections have been held on the established date From the first moment. This Sunday, February 14, the Catalans will take to the streets to elect their candidate to the government of the autonomous community, although they will have to be attentive to the changes that may arise and major sanitary security measures that must be met to avoid a rebound in infections in the territory.

As is already evident, eThe use of the mask will be mandatory for all those who come to vote, in addition to maintaining safety distances and / or seeing hydroalcoholic fuel dispensers at various points in the establishments. What’s more, the members of the table will wear PPE all day for greater safety before the large number of people who are expected to take their vote to the schools.

Copies are not allowed, only original documents

Although the mask will cover half of the face, identification remains completely mandatory to exercise the right to vote. You will have to carry the documentation with you and show it to the members of the polling station before casting the ballot, but Does it matter if they are expired? As established by the Central Electoral Board (JEC) there would be no problem in case the documentation is expired.

The only thing to keep in mind is that se must be original documents and that, above all, that they have a photograph of the holder to be able to recognize it. As it’s usual, DNI is not the only option to present for voting. They can take with them the passport or even the driver’s license if they are looking for another alternative. The fact is that photocopies of them will not be accepted, only the original card of the holder.

Voting by mail, the same conditions

Furthermore, the same rules have been followed in the case of voting by mail in the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia. In fact, Correos, through its official website, makes it very clear: “The presentation of these documents will be accepted even if they are expired, but they must be the originals, in no case photocopies.”

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