The mandatory nature of masks in Spain will be one year old next June and after a pandemic year almost everyone has become accustomed to wearing it both indoors and outdoors. Thus, the sale of masks has become common and most supermarkets sell these types of products.

FFP2 masks are the most recommended to stop the virus due to the double protection they entail, although their price, higher than that of surgical masks, means that many people do not opt ​​for this option. These masks are considered sanitary material and as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Like many other supermarkets, the German supermarket chain Aldi has been marketing this type of mask for several months and On March 24, it launched a pack of 10 FFP2 masks with a 40% discount compared to its previous price, according to the website.


Aldi offers this pack of 10 masks for 8.99 euros (before the price was 14.99), so each mask comes at a price of 0.90 euros.

The mask can be obtained in Aldi stores, for which their website offers a map to find the nearest establishment. Aldi does not have available online sales of any of its products, it only allows shopping lists to be made.

The masks offered by this chain, as detailed on the web, are 95% or more effective against coronavirus and are made up of a total of 5 layers, in addition to not being reusable.

For its part, Aldi also offers mask packs of 10 surgical masks for 1.45 euros, so the unit is also around 14 cents. They are available for both adults and children for the same price.

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