SAN SALVADOR – Rosibel Arriaza, mother of the Salvadoran migrant Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza killed by Mexican police, asked for justice for the crime after the recognition of his body through photographs this Monday.

“I feel indignation, I feel helpless, I feel frustrated. I would have wanted to be there, as a mother, but no. One cannot be in all places” and she “did not deserve that death”, because “it was an abuse of authority” he told reporters.

He stressed that his daughter “has been cruelly executed by police in Quintana Roo, Mexico”, so “I ask for justice for my daughter, because I really do not see a just cause” and “I think that human beings have the right to life regardless of what happened at the time. ”

He pointed out that “in the moral area I would be more than satisfied that those gentlemen paid.”

He indicated that this crime orphaned two adolescents aged 15 and 16 in Mexico and that “the case of my daughter is being compared with the case of (George) Floyd, in the United States,” which generated the Black movement. Lives Matter (“Black Lives Matter”).

Rosibel Arriaza said that her daughter lived in Mexico, where she worked in the hotel cleaning area, for about five years and that she traveled in search of better living conditions, since she was a “single mother.”

Both UN Women and Amnesty International have also condemned the event.

Salazar Arriaza’s family arrived this Monday at the headquarters of the Salvadoran Ministry of Foreign Affairs to recognize the body through photographs.

The victim’s mother said that in the Human Rights area of ​​the Foreign Ministry they were told that “they can help us get there (Mexico)” to meet her granddaughters.

He indicated that “supposedly one girl is already in the custody of the DIF (National System for the Integral Development of the Family),” while the other is not, because “she is afraid of the Police” and “thinks that the Police can do something to her.” .

An alleged case of police abuse in Mexico was captured on video. Warning: images can be harsh for some people.

The Government of El Salvador condemned through a statement “the actions that caused the death of the compatriot” and reported that “it is in communication with the Mexican authorities with a view to expeditiously following the pertinent investigations and determining the responsibilities to apply the full weight of the law. ”

He indicated that the Foreign Ministry will provide “all the support and accompaniment required by the relatives of Salazar Arriaza,” who was originally from the western department of Sonsonate.

The President Nayib Bukele also reacted to the fact and asked for justice. “We will take care of the maintenance and studies of Victoria’s two daughters and everything they need (…) we only ask for justice. That the full weight of the law falls on those who did this,” he posted on his Twitter .

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Victoria’s death, which the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) is investigating as an aggravated homicide, caused outrage after the video, recorded on Saturday, in which one of the four Tulum police officers who can be seen places his knee to the victim’s neck.


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