A man was seriously injured when he was struck by lightning in Madrid while taking refuge under a tree

A man was seriously injured when he was struck by lightning in Madrid while taking refuge under a tree

The rains and storms that occurred this Saturday in Madrid have caused alarming events, such as a 40 year old man who was seriously injured when he was struck by lightning while sheltering from the storm under a tree in the Pradolongo Park, in the Madrid district of Usera.

As reported by a spokesperson for Emergencias Madrid, they received notice of the event at 10:00 p.m. this Saturday and upon arrival the toilets verified that the beam had entered through the shoulder and exited through both feet.

The patient was in cardiorespiratory arrest, but when performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers he managed to regain his pulse a few minutes later. The victim was transferred to Hospital 12 de Octubre in serious condition.

More rains are expected throughout the Peninsula

This Sunday the instability in the Peninsula, affecting mainly the northern half and southern plateau, with rains, showers and storms, as reported by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

The rainfall could be locally persistent in the Cantabrian and, in the afternoon, they will be intense in the high Ebro, center and south of the Plateau, Iberian system Y Pyrenees.

With lower intensity, occasional showers and storms may occur in other areas of the peninsular interior, mainly in mountainous areas and, eventually, in the north of Mallorca and Menorca, but they will tend to subside at the end of the day.

For their part, they are unlikely or are not expected in extreme west and south of the peninsula and south of the Balearic Islands. In the Canary Islands, little cloudy with some cloudy intervals and low probability of showers in the interior of the islands of greater relief.

The snow levels they will be located around 1,000 / 1,200 meters in the Pyrenees, 700 / 1,000 meters in the western Cantabrian, and in about 800 / 1,000 meters in the North Iberian. Above the 1,400 meters in the central system.

The daytime temperatures will be in accused descent in much of the northern half, and in increase in the Mediterranean area. The nocturnal, on descent in the north of the peninsula, with frosts in the mountainous systems of the northern half.

Finally, the winds will tend to blow from northern component in the northern third of the peninsula and from west in the southern third, Strait, Alboran and the Balearic Islands.

Strong northeast intervals on the Galician coastlines and, finally, northwest in Ampurdán and lower Ebro. In the Canary Islands, loose variables, predominantly the northern component in eastern islands.

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