CoD Warzone: M16 will be the new super weapon, experts show the best setup

CoD Warzone: M16 will be the new super weapon, experts show the best setup

In Season 2 of CoD Warzone, a new weapon comes to the fore.

After the super weapon is before the super weapon: The community is just celebrating the long overdue nerf from FFAR and AUG, when the next gun is crowning the king of Call of Duty: Warzone. Good that M16 was already very strong before – we recommend it in our detailed plus guide. Still, the weapon lagged behind the front runners.

Now professional players are declaring it the new meta-weapon and sharing their best setups. All information about the M16 can be found directly below.

What makes the M16 the best choice right now

Why is the M16 so powerful? The rifle combines a lot of damage with high precision, little recoil and a huge range – making it an ideal weapon for Warzone.

A special feature makes the M16 extremely powerful: You fire volleys of three shots. And three hits in the chest or head are enough for a kill (up to 25 meters). With the right attachments, the damage can even be increased. This gives you a very low time to kill – by the way, a point that many Warzone players are currently complaining about.

How do I unlock the M16? You have to reach level 10 in Black Ops: Cold War, then you will automatically get the weapon in Warzone.

Why is it becoming a meta now of all times? FFAR and AUG’s nerf is forcing Warzone players to look for a new best weapon. And for many, this is the M16, which so far has often been overshadowed by the two overpowering guns.

What are the weaknesses of the M16? The weapon has no serious disadvantages, at most you could get into trouble in fights at very close range. But that’s what the secondary weapon is for: It’s best to choose the overkill perk and take a Mac-10 with you just in case.

In order to get the most out of the M16, you should familiarize yourself with the Burst and, above all, choose the right attachments.

The best setup for the M16 in Season 2

In its basic form, the M16 is already strong, but it will only think about it with the right attachments. We have collected some expert setups for Season 2, which we list for you here. By the way, at Mein-MMO you can find a detailed guide to the M16.

The well-known CoD player and YouTuber NickMercs chooses his setup according to the maximum damage in order to knock down opponents with a burst. He relies on the following essays, which incidentally also recommend the well-known CharlieIntel portal:

  • Mouth: Agency flash hider
  • Run: 15.9 “task force
  • Laser: None
  • Visor: Axial Arms 3x
  • Shaft: None
  • Lower course: Field agent fore grip
  • Munition: 45er Magazine
  • Griff: None

With this setup you can cause a lot of damage over a long distance and you don’t have to worry about Recoil.

Especially the larger magazine and the bonus damage from the essays will bring you many advantages.

TheXclusiveAce, a YouTuber who publishes extensive analyzes of CoD weapons, took a closer look at the M16 a while ago. In his video he shows the distances at which the M16 with which attachments is fatal.

Warzone expert Steffi can’t get used to the race for the latest super weapon, especially because there are so much more important problems: In her column, she explains why the battle royale is deeply in crisis.

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