– Registration to receive the Covid-19 vaccine is enabled today – Registration to receive the Covid-19 vaccine is enabled today

The forms will be available from this morning on the website of the provincial government. On March 1, they begin to cite people over 80.

The Ministry of Health of the province will enable the website from this morning so that the people of Santa Fe can register to receive the vaccine against Covid-19. Although the device will not discriminate ages, it is recommended that those older than 70 years are recorded in this first stage . The forms will make it possible to know the population to be vaccinated and assign the shifts according to the groups considered priority. In any case, the vaccination program will be subject to the arrival of the committed doses. They estimate that the operation for people over 80 could start in early March.

“With this tool we are going to know who are the people who want to receive the vaccine, which will allow us to establish shifts according to the different populations,” they explained from the health portfolio and assured that the website will remain open for several weeks at least. They asked for caution. “It is not necessary for everyone to register on the first day,” they maintained.

To access the web form to register the wish to be vaccinated, you must enter the official website of the provincial government ( and click on the site identified as “coronavirus”. Then a form will be opened that must be completed with personal data (name, surname, date of birth, ID, address) and questions related to pathologies considered risk factors.

Although the opening of the site will not have restrictions, it is recommended that the first to sign up are people over 70 years of age to avoid a collapse of the system in the first hours of operation, as happened in the city of Buenos Aires. “The link will remain open for a while, everyone will be able to access,” they highlighted from health.

The Santa Fe vaccination plan was streamlined after the arrival in the province of 41,500 doses of Covishield vaccines made in India and developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca.

The shipment last Wednesday to Argentina and this weekend the distribution in the provinces was completed. It was one of the last official announcements of the former Minister of Health of the Nation Ginés González García, before leaving his position involved with the existence of a “VIP vaccination”.

With this new batch of vaccines that arrived in Santa Fe on Saturday, the immunization of health workers will be completed, a total of 70 thousand people, and from today operations will begin in the 431 nursing homes that exist in the province, where it is projected reach some 17 thousand people, including residents and workers.

Until last week, 70 percent of health workers had already been vaccinated with the first and second doses of the vaccine and since this week another 30 thousand have been added from the distribution made by Sputnik Nation V, the first component. The remaining eight thousand agents will receive the input manufactured in India, as well as the population of the geriatrics.

Unlike Sputnik V, which demands to remain refrigerated at minus 18 degrees, the doses produced in India can be safely stored at temperatures of 2 ° C to 8 ° C, which a common refrigerator offers, which facilitates logistics and it allows taking vaccinations out of hospitals and health centers, as will be done in the case of nursing homes.

The Covishield vaccines was licensed by the Anmat in early February. According to the latest analyzes carried out by the AstraZeneca laboratory, a single dose of Covishield achieves 70% efficacy against the coronavirus. To achieve greater protection requires the application of 2 doses separated by between 4 and 6 weeks.

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