At least 98 personas lost their lives and 63 remain missing due to the floods and landslides caused by the tormenta tropical Nalgae which crossed the Philippines over the weekend, according to official figures updated on Monday.

More than half of the deceased are registered in the autonomous region of Bangsamoroin the southwest of the country, points out the latest report of the National Council for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction, which underlines that 58 deceased are confirmed while 40 are pending validation.

In addition, 69 people were injured due to the consequences of Nalgaeknown in Filipinas like Paengwhich caused damage to infrastructure estimated at 757 million pesos (13 million dollars or a similar figure in euros).

Nalgae has also forced the evacuation of about 105 thousand people, while more than 590 thousand families or about 1.9 million people have been affected by the passage of the storm.

The tropical storm, category three and with maximum winds of 95 kilometers per hour, made landfall for the first time on Saturday and left the territory on Sunday afternoon, while it is now in the South China Sea en route to the Chinese island of Hainan.

Nalgae made landfall just over a month after typhoon Noru passed through the Philippines, which last September caused at least 12 deaths and around 14 thousand evacuated.

About twenty typhoons hit the Philippines every year, one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to the effects of climate change.

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