The Peru Libre bench spoke about the statements of the head of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva, who let it be seen that the president Pedro Castillo would be a “liar” if a question of confidence is raised against parliament.

Through a statement published on their social networks, the ruling party demanded respect for the institutionality of the powers of the State. What’s more,they rejected an official ambush that encourages a “parliamentary coup”.

“Peru Libre energetically rejects the unfortunate statements of the president of the Congress of the Republic that encourages the rupture of the constitutional order, when her duty is to maintain a conduct commensurate with the position”, it reads in the document.

Likewise, they consider that the “double discourse” of the president of the legislature Alva Prieto violates morality and ethical conduct, as it did before when she argued that “the street asks for a presidential vacancy”.

“The individual attitude of the president (Alva Pietro) does not cease to amaze us, creating a climate of uncertainty and political instability whose economic consequence is negative for the country”, the statement continues.

For this reason, they exhorted the head of the congress to retract her “half truths”, as they would be creating the stage to promote a “parliamentary coup”.

“The half-truths that are lies are rectified, whose only future utility would be the input or support of the alleged presidential vacancy as the objective of the parliamentary coup”, they exposed.

Finally, they called for a “sincere and consensual” dialogue between the head of state and the opposition spokesmen. “No more lies”, close the document.


Congressman Jorge Montoya, from Renovación Popular, revealed that, among the signatures collected for the presentation of a motion of no confidence against the Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Íber Maraví, there are signatures of parliamentarians from the ruling party.

In an interview for Canal N, the admiral commented that, so far, there are 3 congressmen from Peru Libre who are also encouraging Maraví to leave office after hearing his discharges in last week’s interpellation.

“We have 52 signatures so far. There are signatures from all parties, from Peru Libre we have three so far”, Montoya exposed.

“They have been in the interpellation (to Minister Maraví), they have their ideas and are free to express their opinions as they wish, they should not argue anything to sign, but it is interesting to analyze it after what happens,” he continued.

As he explained, the delay in presenting the document responds to three reasons. In addition to wanting to total the 63 signatures that are needed for censorship to enter the debate, it is waiting for the approval of the rule that regulates the issue of trust, which is expected to be observed by the Executive in the coming days.

“There are several ways to interpret the delay in the delivery of the censorship. One is the approval of that law (which regulates the issue of trust) and another is to give the president time to reconsider and remove it”, he asserted.

“At the rate we are going, I believe that on Thursday we will be reaching the number of signatures we need”, he said.

Regarding the contradictions between some ministers and the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, in relation to a possible issue of confidence in defense of the Labor Minister, the Popular Renovation spokesperson considered the following:

“President Castillo is defending Maraví, he has prevented him from resigning since the prime minister suggested it to him. I think they are willing to ask a question of trust. But whatever comes out, we are not afraid of what will happen”, he sentenced.

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